Update the database

Core Machine (Win 10 Home / HP, AMD A8 SATA 500 GB/ Roon 1.17 )

My system has been running without problems for 3 weeks.
Today my Roon Core briefly made a message that the database is being updated, which can lead to a delay. After this message, the screen is black and the Roon emblem flashes. It has been going on for two hours. Otherwise nothing can be done. I have 788 albums.

How long is it going to take?

Is there a way to include a progress bar in this case?

Network Details (Ethernet)

Download 250 Mbit/s Upload 25 Mbit/s


The procedure is still ongoing.

yes, I have a backup
In the meantime, I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. I did not uninstall the parameter database.
The behavior has remained. For 7 hours now

Hi @Cyprian_Kuschka,

Apologies for the previous reply — It was meant to be a private comment for out other support staff member, @nuwriy.

Since this is ongoing, and you have a backup, let’s try giving the Core machine a reboot and let us know if it helps.



the proposals would not have been enough. I had to completely rebuild the PC and reinstall the software. Then I imported the updates. Now everything works great. Nevertheless many thanks



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