Update to Roon 783, Tidal no longer plays

Same issue here. Just upgraded to build 783.

Tidal no longer works. It accesses my Tidal account, but the track does not play. The track time bar at the bottom has an icon that goes back and forth while waiting to load (like a Cylon raider eye), never does. After a couple of minutes, just stops and says “Nothing playing”

Tidal native app and local library work fine. Using a Mac as core (10.13.6).

Can we downgrade to a previous version?

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I thought I posted this earlier, but it seems to have disappeared.

I updated to Roon build 783, and now Tidal will not play.

After the update to Roon build 783, my Tidal login works in Roon, but the tracks themselves do not play. I see an endless back and forth icon in the timebar at the bottom of the screen. (Looks like a cylon raider eye.) This continues for a few minutes or never stops. If it does stop, it says: “Nothing playing”

In addition, when trying to fix the issue I tried to configure my Roon Core, but the system does not find the Roon core. Which is weird, because it plays from my local library files.

Playing local library files works as normal.
Live Radio works fine.
Tidal login is fine.
Tidal playlists and favorites all available and appear normal; the tracks simply do not play.

Roon Core: macMini 2014 on OSX 10.13.6

I have rebooted the computer, modem/router, router, streaming hardware, all apps used control Roon, etc. Unplugged network cords, etc.

Help please!

Hi, it was still there but “lost” inside someone else’s support topic.

I’ve now merged you posts and moved them to #support section of the forum for Roon’s @support team to follow up with you.

In the meantime I would recommend rebooting the Roon Core and your networking equipment.

Also try logging out of Tidal from Roon and the logging in once more.

As I mentioned, I have rebooted anything I could think of that might affect Roon. No luck.

As an additional data point, Roon now takes much longer to boot up after the latest build.

If I uninstall Roon (core) and re-install, will all my library, playlists, favorites, etc. still come back? Also, can I re-install using a previous build? Everything I used seemed to function great until build 783.

Had the same issue yesterday. Had rebooted everything BUT the internet router. This did the trick.

In general - as a newbie to the Nucleus - I am not pleased at all. Until now I spent more hours on network issues and deleting / updating then listening to music. It´s just too complicated to set up for a lay person.
Btw: Long booting of the Nucleus on a Mac as well here.

I deleted the Roon app on the Mac and after a reinstall everything came back - no problem on that side.

Good luck!

Hi @Darryl_Kadonaga

Can you try playing TIDAL content to System Output of the Core machine? If the same behavior occurs, please make a note of the time it happens as well as what track you try to play and then use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service).

Respond here with the link and information on the time and track and we’ll take a look at the logs.

Thanks, I have sent the log file using my email address as reference. Please note to use the file “Roon_log.04.txt” for what I reference below. (I did some tests after that had no effect.)

Tue, April 6, 2020
Logs for Roon Support

Tracks attempted to play after rebooting the macMini (late 2014 running OSX 10.13.6) and newly opening Roon at 14:53:30

Roon loaded at 14:54:36

Using the macMini internal speakers as sound output.

Local File: Bill Withers - “Use Me” - Was last song played and first in queue.

14:55:12 LOCAL FILE: Bill Withers - “Use Me” - Playback worked fine. I stop at 14:56:20

14:56:58 Tidal File: Eddie Costa – “Diane” – Attempted playback from Tidal library. Will not play, time-bar indicator stuck going back and forth (I call cylon eye). I stop at 14:59:10.

15:00:56 Tidal File: Lee Morgan – “Heavy Dipper” – Attempt to play next, still stuck on Eddie Costa track. I press the jump to next track button. Also stuck with cylon eye.

15:04:40 Tidal File: Black Sabbath – “Paranoid” MQA – I use the play now selection. Still stuck with Cylone eye. 15:07:16 Roon stops attempting to play on it’s own. Says “Nothing playing” Note, this is similar to the length of the track.

15:08:?? LOCAL FILE: Cowboy Junkies – “Sweet Jane” – Plays fine as normal.

15:10:30 LIVE RADIO: KEXP-FM – Radio channel plays fine as normal after 10s to load.

15:13:02 Tidal Playlist: Pharrell Essentials – Stuck with cylon eye, will not play.

15:14:20 LOCAL FILE: Muddy Waters – Plays fine as normal.

15:17:37 Shut down Roon

15:19 Re-open Roon.

15:20 Try to “Configure the Roon OS Core” while playing a file from the library. Says “Searching for Roon OS Core…” Cannot seem to find the Core, even though it is working and playing music from a local file.

15:22:26 Shut down Roon

15:23 Re-open and shut down Roon to generate the last log.

Thanks, @Darryl_Kadonaga

I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account so we can take a look at what’s occurring here. I’ll be sure to follow up once we have more info from our analysis.

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Thanks, I just want to confirm you are able to access the logs I gave you access to. I received an email delivery failure notice.

Hi Dylan, any progress so far? Also, could you confirm you received the address link in the email I sent?

Hi @Darryl_Kadonaga

I asked the team for an update this morning. They’re still investigating, but I’ll be sure to follow up with you ASAP.

I did not, but we enabled diagnostics on our end and the diagnostics report should give us the information we need here.

I’ll be in touch as soon as I can, Darryl! Apologies for the continued trouble.

Not sure if you corrected something on your end, but Tidal on Roon started working today. I will keep using over the next few days to monitor. For now, so happy to have Tidal back after ten days! I’m scared to re-boot the program just in case.

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