Updated Moon Ace with AirPlay and Ace Doesn't Show Up as Device in Roon

Core Machine
IBM ThinkCenter 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

Network Details
Connected via Ethernet

Audio Devices
Moon Ace by SimAudio

Library Size
9332 tracks

Description of Issue
I updated my Moon Ace with AirPlay and my Ace doesn’t show up as a device in Roon anymore.

Have you restarted roon? Not trying to be insulting, just ruling things out.

Did the IP address change? dhcp likes to make life miserable at times. Would you mind verifying updating airplay didn’t reset networking/wifi?

Can you ping the Ace at that ip?

Looks like a sexy machine, hopefully it works again soon.

Paul… thx for your response. This ended up being an obvious fix that your response helped me resolve. Since my Ace was rest when I added AirPlay, I needed to add my Ace as an audio device to Roon again.

I like your screen name MommaTried. I’m a fan of Merle and the Dead. I’m seeing Weir and the Wolf Brothers in Vail this weekend. Great show at Red Rocks last night from what I heard.

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Glad you got it working.
CO is one state I haven’t seen a show in.
Red Rocks is still on the todo list.
Have an excellent show!

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