Updated Roon DSP Preset for Recently Updated Audeze LCD-X?

Does anyone know if the Roon DSP preset has been updated for the latest LCD - X cans? Audeze recently updated the LCD-X with new drivers. Roon, can you chime in please? Thanks.

No they have not been updated yet, we are working on both LCD-X and XC updates.


Got it thanks

Any word on when the update may occur. Just following up. Thanks.


Any word on when we can expect the LCD-X preset to be updated for the 2021 version?

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I really hope that in providing this new preset, you don’t take away the old preset for us on the older LCD-X that would be highly disappointing.

How do I know if I have the new or old LCD-X’s? I bought one in Feb 2021.

From Audeze at HeadFi:

For those who may be curious, here are the start dates and serials for the new configuration:

11/23/20 LCD-X Leather-Free 7527615

11/9/20 LCD-XC Leather 8523700

11/23/20 LCD-X Leather 7527600

11/23/20 LCD-XC Leather-Free 8523710

I am looking to buy some LCD-X but as I am a Roon user I’m not sure it makes sense if the new presets aren’t available. Could you give an estimate of the timescale for the presets please?

I used the preset with the new model. I got this in feb and it was a couple of months before I realised it was the new one! From what I have read you don’t need the preset as the curve is much flatter. I have left it on as I like the warmer filler sound. You can also build your own eq profile or download. There are links to curves on github somewhere.

Either way don’t hold off- they are astonishing. I am still rediscovering old albums and several months on still am getting blown away by how these head phones reveal and present music I thought I knew intimately.

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Yes it has been quite some time and still no updated Roon DSP presets for the updated LCD-X cans. Looking forward to hearing from KMan-Research Director at Audeze soon.

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LCD-4 preset will work quite well with the new LCD-X, we are close to finalizing the preset and for LCD-X and it is close to LCD-4 (just a bump in the upper mids) . With multiple product launches, things are quite hectic here :slight_smile:


Thanks KMan for the update. Will try the LCD-4 preset with my updated LCD-X in the meantime

Can you please confirm if the existing preset for older LCD-X will remain the same on roon? I hope that it will not be replaced with the new preset.

Yes that is right, we have provided Roon with the assets for 2021 LCD-X/XC presets and they will appear as separate presets in addition to the original LCD -X/XC presets

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Roon and Audeze are awesome !!

That’s a relief. Thanks for confirming that.

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Excellent, thanks for the feedback. As soon as I see the new presets in Roon I will get a trial of the LCD-X

Looks like the Audeze 2021 revision presets are live!

very cool! all we need now is the settings for the LCD-5! Really excited about those :grin: