Updated Roon DSP Preset for Recently Updated Audeze LCD-X?

The linear presets use long filters that will tax the CPU at DSD rates unless the core runs on a reasonably fast multi core processor

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  1. How the setting for the amount of preset really works? What does it mean for example that the preset is 50% applied?

It is a wet/dry mix => output = 0.5original-signal + 0.5filtered-signal

  1. And regarding the filter in the reset, low latency or linear, how does it is affected by the audio filter I may use on my DAC?

The filter in the DAC is one used for sampe-rate conversion, and is independent of the preset filter. You should choose the DAC filter first that works best for you and then choose the preset. The only exception (this is my preference) is if I choose a linear filter on my DAC, I prefer to go for linear presets too.

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@support I have the same issue, when playing DSD files and using the DSP settings for LCD-X 2021 the playback becomes very unstable or stops. In ordinary mode without this filter - no issues. I run ROCK on a powerfull NUC. Anything to be done?