Updated to 194.... my system still does not work

I followed instructions about sending logs, etc…

Does anyone else have problems with Roon and Merging NADAC?

I need to get my system working again

At first 1.3 stopped all dsd playing in my system

194 has now stopped all music

I can’t get a sound from my system

I wish they would screen share to see this.

Would love to hear music today :frowning:

@miyagi1218, we have on here. It was broken for DSD only yesterday with B193, but with 194 it’s working for us.

Sometimes the CoreAudio driver in the NADAC can be finicky, and can get stuck. I’m worried that the problem you were experiencing yesterday might have put the driver or device into a confused state. Can you try:

  • Rebooting you Mac
  • Powering the NADAC off and on

It’s also possible that the NADAC lost track of the MAC–you may need to go to the front panel of the device and re-select the mac from the “SOURCES” menu. I think the name of your mac will turn red on the device panel when this happens.

We are testing using the latest drivers from MERGING’s website. If you last updated a long time ago, you may want to try upgrading, just so we’re all on the same page.