Updating to v 2.0 went wrong - No sound is coming out og my stereo.

Roon Core Machine

Its ab tablet using Android v. 10.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Standard router.

Connected Audio Devices

Lenovo Tablet.

Number of Tracks in Library

App. 500 CD’s.

Description of Issue

I got the message about updating to Roon V. 2.0 yesterday. I started Roon om my tablet up, and started my Innous, and accepted the update of Roon Core. I then downloaded Roon ARC, and found out, that I can control my Innous, but when with the tablet no sound came out, and when with the phone, the sound came out on the phone. I tried to start Roon, but it said incompatible versions, but I couldnt update Roon on the tablet and couldnt find any guideline of what to to next. I guess I unfortunately updated Core before my tablet. But what do I do now? Thx for any help.

Hi @Jens_Mortensen,

I apologize for the delay in responding but am glad to get the chance to help you again.

Can you confirm that the issue is ongoing? From my diagnostics, I see that your devices are running 2.0 now.


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