Upgrade options from microRendu?

Afternoon all,

I’m looking at options to replace a Sonore microRendu which currently sits between a Topping D90 and an UpTone EtherREGEN (with external Afterdark Masterclock).

Has anyone moved on from the microRendu to the ultra (or other product) and noticed an improvement?


I went from the micro to the ultra.

Heard no difference at all.

The ultra ran cooler than the micro was all I noted.
Both were fed by a dedicated 7.5vdc lps.


You are no longer an audiophile in good standing. :wink:


Oh the shame…


Where are all the posts telling me about improved soundstage wideness and crystal clear clarity!?!?!

I’m having a bout of upgraditus, there must be a shiny box I can buy to revolutionise my listening experience!


I heard a noticeable increase in clarity/detail after switching my microRendu to an opticalRendu. Enough so that I also replaced my ultraRendu with the optical.


And do you have a ER in the chain (possibly the “wrong” way round) to use the SPF port or simply bypass that?

Those of us in the outcast category have better gatherings anyhow.

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If one’s into more detail, consider nanoRendu, femtoRendu or even attoRendu…
If a more holistic presentation is the goal, opt for macroRendu…
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I’ve thought about it but don’t currently have one. I use them with the opticalModule (the original version, not the new one) and think the isolation from everything else is pretty complete. Might give it a try some day though.

I moved from an ultraRendu to OpticalRendu with great results. I’m feeding the OR from an ER flipped. No complaints about the upgrade.

Looks like optical is a better route, will look at pricing for them in the UK

Thank everyone.

Hi Simon, relevant to you and perhaps somewhat similar to @Rob_Hanson above, I went from a microRendu to then adding EtherRegen, then replacing the microRendu with an opticalRendu and flipping the EtherRegen to use the optical out. For me, I experienced superb improvements at each step, and am really happy now. (This progression of mine doesn’t speak, of course, to the alternative @Dave_Richardson describes above, of just feeding the opticalRendu from the opticalModule.)

Thank you.

opticalRendu “galvanically isolates NOISE” from the player and all circuitry! The effect is stunning improvement in sound stage (detail and blacker backgrounds). I’m convinced that induced noise is low levels of distortion across the frequency band and, when removed, articulation is restored to amazing levels. Small Green Computer offers an all-inclusive kit. You also need the LPS for the opticalRendu.


took the plunge on the opticalRendu and am very pleased!

It’s feeding a Topping D90 (MQA), anything I need to be changing in the settings on Roon for the oR (currently set to MQA core decoder enabled & MQA Decoder and Renderer)?

Thanks all.

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