Upgrading firmware on the Holo Audio Spring

How do you do firmaware update on Holo Spring? Does not have built in internet connection. USB thumb drive?

Plug your Windows PC to the USB of the DAC (Assuming you have already installed the Holo Audio Spring USB driver here: http://www.holo-audio.com/col.jsp?id=105). Go to Holo Audio website (It is mainly in Chinese): http://www.holo-audio.com/, click this: http://www.holo-audio.com/nd.jsp?id=27&_np=103_323

In the USB PDF file, follow the instruction how to flash the firmware. Always remember to exercise caution as improper update can brick the unit and require to send by back to Holo Audio. The latest firmware is spring_1692_update.bin.

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Thanks. That link is for version 1664, is there a different page for version 1692, or was that a typo?

I assume there is no way to upgrade without a Windows PC? I unfortunately don’t have access to one that I could use for this purpose.

Also, do you know if there is any change log available?

I think the USB PDF file is not updated with the latest info on firmware. I ran the program and found my DAC firmware is 1692.

There’s another site shows a link to the firmware:

I suggest you contact him directly by emailing to Jeff Zhu at Holo Audio: Jeff.Zhu@holo-audio.com

He is friendly and responses quickly to query.

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