Upgrading nucleus to 2.0 doesn’t work

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Opened Roon app on iPhone and iPad. Connected to my nucleus. Then goes to a ‘time to upgrade’ screen that just keeps spinning ‘checking for upgrade’… spinning doesn’t stop. Open and close app and end up in same place. How do I get the new version so I can use ARC… and get all software loaded properly and functioning?

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I keep getting “There was an error checking for an update” message

I have the same issue. Updated all (three) remotes, and now the “install a new version of ROON to continue” message is up for my Nucleus (1.8 build 1105 stable) and a “checking for upgrade” spinning arc… Not the “arc” I wanted to be working with now, that’s for sure! HELP!

I rebooted the core (nucleus) and that solved the problem (I had encountered the same set of issues). All updates then moved forward and the system is working fine.

I just rebooted the core and the issues were resolved.

Same problem here! I am totally trapped because the roon apps on either my Mac or my iphone keep spinning and I even get the message that my nucleus (Rhein Z1 V2) is no longer compatible with the new Roon 2.0!
I did not get a choice to stay with the previous Roon version (1.8 build 911) either so Roon has now become completely unusable for me. Powering my nucleus off and on does not help at all.
Please help with this disaster of an upgrade. I just want to keep my previous version . Forget about all the so-called improvements.

Hey @Matt_Cohen1,

Ben here with the support team, after taking a look at your account it looks like you’ve been able to successfully update your Nucleus to Roon 2.0

Please let me know if this is not the case and you’re still running into issues :+1:

Hi Ben. Yes I was able to upgrade and have been using ARC. Works great - when it’s able to connect that is… any idea why it’s not always possible to connect to my nucleus ? It’s always on and connected to my network… and the Roon ARC says it’s ready in my Roon settings.

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Hey @Matt_Cohen1,

Are you able to provide a bit more information about when the connectivity problems arise? Is it when you are on wifi, or mobile data? Does it happen during the transition between the two?

I would first suggest giving your router and core a hard reboot. From there, head into arc settings and select ‘Reset Roon Arc’ and let me know if your issues persist. If they do, please share a timestamp of when you experience it again :+1:

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