Upsampling issues with topping E30

Hi, I was listening to music on my topping e30 in roon at 768 kHz up sampling rate when all of a sudden, I got this overwhelming loud white noise. It made the music unlistenable. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I was streaming using my MacBook Pro which has plenty of power. I noticed that the playback was fine when listening to 44.1 and 96khz up sampled to 768, but the horrible noise began when I listened to a song which was 192 up sampled to 768 kHz. If I reduced the upsampling to 384 kHz, would this make much of a difference? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly new in the audiophile scene! Thanks.

It may be something completely different, but occasionally I’m having a similar issue with my SMSL M300MKII upsampling to max power of 2, but only when skipping from a playing song to another with different sampling rate.
In order to fix it I then need to power cycle the DAC.
Doesn’t happen, if i pause play and then skip.

I’ll try that. Thanks. I just wonder if I lower the sampling rate the issue will be fixed.

Aha, I occasionally get the same thing on my D90. I also upsample to 702/768.

Really painful, especially with headphones.

Stopping/restarting selection usually works.

It’s a shame because the sound quality was better.

Let us know, please. Although it’s hard to prove a semi-negative.

Could also be the filter.

Coincidentally, this morning the balanced output on my A90 went south.


I think I’ve experienced something similar with my E30 (also fed by a Mac). It only happened once, when I changed from max power of 2 to max power. It scared the dog, so I changed it back and have left it alone since.

Same thing happened to me with a topping DX3Pro+. Big static noise in my headphone.

Roon Server on MAC (Mac mini M1, fully updated, latest version of Roon, DAC connected to a Raspberry Pi4 B+ (ropieee) with USB)
Upsampling set to x2 x4 power + parametric (10 bands).

It happens randomly with generally max upsampling at 705Khz pr 768Khz in my case). At least 1 time per day with possible damage to ears … Try to set at max 352 and 384 in custom to check if it’s better but did not have time to test it … Will let you know …

Are you doing any equalization?

I had the same painful experience (as I note in a post above) that seems to have stopped once I turned off EQ under Roon’s DSP.

I’m using parametric EQ for my headphone, and I prefer disable the upsampling than the parametric EQ to be able to fine tune my headphone.

If the parametric EQ can not be used, it will be the end of Roon for me …

But I’m wondering if it’s not a topping issue (or something else) ?

Hello, do you have the same issue with other players or only roon ?

I’ve no issue with Audirvana on MacOS or playing Qobuz from web browser with upsampling done by the OS. Only Roon has this behaviour.

If I set the max output of 384Khz instead of 768Khz, no issue.

Setup :
Roon installed on a dedicated PC (core i5 11320H / 16Go DDR4 / 256GB NVME SSD / Music stored on NAS) Linux (Ubuntu 22.04, full update) : 1.8 Build 1021
Ropieee on RPI 4 (1.8 build 943 latest version) connected to Topping DX3Pro + (USB)

I will test to connect the Topping DX3Pro+ directly to the Mac mini M1