Upsampling issues with topping E30

Hi, I was listening to music on my topping e30 in roon at 768 kHz up sampling rate when all of a sudden, I got this overwhelming loud white noise. It made the music unlistenable. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I was streaming using my MacBook Pro which has plenty of power. I noticed that the playback was fine when listening to 44.1 and 96khz up sampled to 768, but the horrible noise began when I listened to a song which was 192 up sampled to 768 kHz. If I reduced the upsampling to 384 kHz, would this make much of a difference? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly new in the audiophile scene! Thanks.

It may be something completely different, but occasionally I’m having a similar issue with my SMSL M300MKII upsampling to max power of 2, but only when skipping from a playing song to another with different sampling rate.
In order to fix it I then need to power cycle the DAC.
Doesn’t happen, if i pause play and then skip.

I’ll try that. Thanks. I just wonder if I lower the sampling rate the issue will be fixed.

Aha, I occasionally get the same thing on my D90. I also upsample to 702/768.

Really painful, especially with headphones.

Stopping/restarting selection usually works.

It’s a shame because the sound quality was better.

Let us know, please. Although it’s hard to prove a semi-negative.

Could also be the filter.

Coincidentally, this morning the balanced output on my A90 went south.


I think I’ve experienced something similar with my E30 (also fed by a Mac). It only happened once, when I changed from max power of 2 to max power. It scared the dog, so I changed it back and have left it alone since.