Upsampling producing white noise over the music track (when using Chord dac)

Roon Core Machine

Nuc 10 (core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB NMIE, 1TB ext. SSD), Streaming view Qobuz / Tidal

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Nuc connected via ethernet to wifi repeater. internet is a gigabit service.

Connected Audio Devices

Nuc connected via USB to Chord TT2 and then to Audeze LCD 4z (Single ended, 1/4inch) / cambridge amp (XLR) to Kef R5s. Blue sound node 2i (wireless) to cambridge amp (RCA) to Kef R5s. Via USB to Deckard to Audeze LCD 4z

Number of Tracks in Library

No local library. Streaming only

Description of Issue

Just connected Chord TT2 to set up. Plays really well without any sample rate changes. But once upsampling is selected to max PCM rate or Max PCM power 2, there is some distortion, white noise added to record and slow tempo playback.
no issue when on sample rate conversion - with “for compatiblity” selection or any other DSP filter selection or use without DSP. Tried restarting NUC, chord, amp etc…

Hey @spartha,

Thanks for sharing what your experience has been like since adding a new audio endpoint. We’re very sorry you’re facing this, instead of enjoying music with your new device.

To really understand what might be going on, could you please share a screenshot of the Signal Path as the distortion is happening?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka
Thanks for reaching out. See attached picture of the signal path

I also have exact same symptom using TT2 and only when using TT2 among other DACs I have.

This also happens when upsampling using HQP or Audirvana to 705.6kHz or above or DSP44.1x512 or above.

Hey @Dongwook_Kim have you found a solution?
@beka I have no issues when up-sampling is limited to 384KHz . Do you have any suggestion to address here?

@spartha No I didn’t have any luck with it.

I had same issue when using Audirvana, which means this may not be issue with Roon. Instead it could be Hugo TT2’s Windows driver issue.

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Hey @spartha,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I have taken your case to our team and they have confirmed that it is unlikely the issue lies with Roon.

Have you tried reaching out to Chord about this specific device?

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Hi Rebeka,
thanks for the response. this would be my next step

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Thanks @spartha. We appreciate your help.

If you find out anything worth sharing, please, share it with us as well :pray:

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For now,
There are other nagging issues that probably point to the same core issue. When i play any music on roon via the TT2 - streaming fails - the error message from Roon is that there could be a network issue. the nuc is connected via ethernet and network is likely not an issue. I have had to re-start the nuc to get TT2 to play again.

Dont have this issue playing via my node 2i. So i feel this has to do with TT2 driver / windows issue

Also, It seems the ASIO driver in windows is maxed at 384 Khz - although the driver is named 44-768KHz… so not sure if this is a windows issue or the chord driver issue.
I downloaded and reinstalled the driver and a restart later it has started playing again - but same issues when using roon upsampling to 768

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