Upsampling to Hugo 2

Hi, may I ask how to get 768k Hz for Hugo 2 in Windows? Mine only shows 352.8kHz as the highest PCM rate, and I have installed the Hugo 2 driver from their website.

At least this is not using HQPlayer in the signal path…

Are you using coax or USB input ? Coax is limited to 384 kHz.

I use USB cable from my computer to Hugo 2

With roon, what does your sample rate conversion under dsp look like?

Have you tried playing a native 768k Hz local file directly without roon?

PS - Give the OP help not snide comments…

Hello @Junhua_Huang,

768kHz playback will only be available using the Chord ASIO driver.



Thanks, I think you are right, I am getting 705.6Khz now with ASIO, but the sound has lots of noise like cracking, did you experience that problem before?