Upscaling or Upsampling ETC

Hi community,

Yesterday I met a guy who used the Chord Hugo Mscaler (kindofpricey). Does this upsample or upscale the signal?

He was puzzled why I liked native DSD. Maybe because there is no upsampling/upscaling possible with that? Anyway, I like the DSD sound.


Yes, that’s what it does. In theory, it is possible to up-sample DSD, but that would be useless.

Sorry, but that is NOT my point. I like DSD because it is what there is. No upsampling etc.

NEW TRY…is anyone using upsampling of PCM or upscaling (using a Chord or Grimm MU?)

From Chords website:

There are plenty of folk doing software upscaling using HQPlayer on a dedicated thread. Or is it upscaling hardware in particular that interests you?

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Arguably, HQPlayer can offer superior upsampling than the Hugo M Scaler according to some sources?

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Are you sure? Have you checked out the HQPlayer DSP upsampling algorithms?

This might be of interest

To be clear, I’m talking about up-sampling DSD to DSD, not PCM to DSD.

Yes, I understand completely. I ask you the same question again:
Have you checked out the HQPlayer DSP/DSD upsampling algorithms?

There must be a point in there somewhere… Can you help me find it?

And more … if you can read it :slight_smile:

I did say it’s possible, right? I also said it would be useless and I stand by my statement.

it’s not useless, whether it makes your system sound better or worse is another matter.

Pretty sure he explains what it is about.