Uptone Etherregen with Meridian 210, on B-side zone the 210 disappears from Roon Audio Zone

Uptone Etherregen with Meridian 210, on B-side of the etherregen the 210 disappears from Roon Audio Zones.

If I connect the Meridian 210 on the A-side of the Etherregen, all is well.

I managed to start playing on the A-side of the Etherregen moat, then switching physically to the B-side and zone was still visible, start playing a song. A couple of minutes or a minute in, the Meridian 210 disappears from both the switch DHCP/LAN list and Roon Audio zones.

Anyone familiar with Etherregen and Roon and RAAT device?

I’m not an expert here, I just picked up an Uptone EtherRegen and am demoing it, so all I can say is what I did.

I connected my Router to the A side of the EtherRegen, then a cable from the B Side to my Amp/Dac. You could connect your source, Steamer/PC/NUC or whatever it is, to the Router or the A side.

This should give you full connectivity between all components and also allow you to cross the Moat to your Amp/Dac.

Since the actions of your setup sound strange , to prevent problems, you could power all your Amps/Dacs/etc down and shutdown Roon, make your changes, then start it all up and see if it works.

The idea is you want to cross from Side to Side going to your Target Amp/Dac.

Also you could put your streamer into side A or your Router.

Etherregen and Roon and RAAT device should work on any port (A-side or B-side).
B-side is limited to 100Mbps. Does Meridian 210 has some settings that may force connectivity to 1Gbps (and not working at 100Mbps)?
Try any other network device on B-side (e.g. computer, printer, Roon), and check if it is working.

Did the power up/down routine. I want to emphasize that I did have a RAAT stream working on the B-side for a minute/minutes before it disappeared. On the A-side everything is working as it should and yes the connection to the other switch is there.

Meridian 210 is a 100Mbit device.

I think that the disappearing from the main asus router (AX11000) connected LAN clients page (with MAC adresses) is telling why ROON can’t see it as well. The more I think about it the B-side or the connection between almost feel like a NAT in some way, atleast it feels like a logical layer disconnect.

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I’ve received feedback from uptone and they want me to isolate the PSU part. I will try different PSU’s to see if there is a difference in behavior.

This seems to be a power related issue. I removed the IFI DC Ipurifier v1 from the DC path and it has been working on the B-side since. I think it was 36W capable but Uptone said that some PSU’s are not up to it. HDPLEX 200W PSU is a beast though so thing should be able to handle anything on 12V.

I have a etherregen powered by a hdplex 200w with my router and Nucleus+ on the A side and my lumin U1 on the B side. No issues. Works fine.

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Alex from UpTone here. Not our normal place to provide support (our sponsored forum area at Audiophile Style or e-mail are our preferred methods), but since you sent me a link and I see some incorrect information I figured I’d jump in. :blush:

You are the second person to identify an iFi power “purifier” as the culprit in difficulty with the EtherREGEN. The other was actually with their AC version. I really do not know what is going on with their devices or why they cause trouble.

But with regards to the EtherREGEN’s power supply requirement: Our unit consumes just about 10 watts total–at any voltage within its 7~12V range. So about 7V/1.35A, 9V/1.0A, 12V/0.8A.
It just so happens that the SMPS brick we supply with it is a 7.5V/36W unit. For reasons explained in the User Guide, it is customized to be ground-shunted (AC mains ground common to -VE/0-volt output “ground”) so that one does not need to use the EtherREGEN’s Ground screw when attaching multiple devices to the ‘A’ side.

In my e-mail to you I asked that you try two tests:
a) Attached a regular computer with display into the ‘B’ side port (with network feed to an ‘A’ side port of course) to see if you can get onto the internet with that computer.
b) Try a different Ethernet cable from the EtherREGEN to you streamer (Gigabit will sometimes work with one of its 4 wire pairs bad, but 100Mbps will not work at all if one of its 2 pairs is bad.)

Yet it seems that you have tracked down the real source of the trouble–the iFi device. That’s great, though still a bit of a mystery.

Enjoy your new EtherREGEN!

Nice to see you popping Alex @Alex_Crespi1 . Hope to see more of you here as quite a few Uptone products users here (tho not a roon ready supplier) and for the most part happy ones :wink:

As a user of ER and Lumin B-side side both powered by seperate outputs on an HDPlex 200W as well as my i7-7700 fanless W10 Roon Core I too have had no issues at all. I do have a couple if the iFi AC iPurifier in my mains setup pre power filtering and they dont seem to be doing anything bad at least.

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