Uptone LPS 1.2 with ultraRendu: issues, anyone?

Many forum members use the Uptone LPS 1.2 (or 1.n) with Sonore’s Rendu products. A 1.2 supplies my ultraRendu.

When I switch back and forth among inputs, especially between HQPlayer and other endpoints, the ultraRendu frequently drops the USB connection with my amp. This has become more frequent since installing a new integrated amp (Peachtree Nova 500). To restore the connection I often need to re-boot the amp, the Rendu, or both.

I’ve had the LPS 1.2 set at 7V. I tried changing it to 9V but that seems to introduce audible hiss through the speakers. Can anyone suggest other remedies?

In order to be sure that it is the LPS 1.2 causing your problem, you should first try powering the uRendu from another supply. If you have a unit within the voltage range of the uRendu, try this first. If the problem persists, then the 1.2 is not the issue. If the problem goes away then contact Alex at Uptone. The 1.2 should have plenty of power for the uRendu. I powered mine from a LPS 1.0 without issue for a long time. That said if something in the 1.2 is failing that could be the problem. The 1.2 has a good warranty and Uptone stands behind its products.

That would be a logical approach but unfortunately I do not have another suitable power supply. Before spending hundreds of dollars on a new one, I’d like to at least consider other possible explanations for why the uRendu does not maintain/restore the USB connection with my amp as I switch between inputs.

No UltraRendu with UltraCap 1.0 has been solid for me.
Primarily use to run the SonoreUPnP Bridge over USB output.

Now there is some initial device discovery issues of an XMOS USB->S/PDIF convertor, which can take a number of attempts for SonicOribtor to ‘see’ and you have to unplug and reintroduce - but once done all is solid.

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No reason to spend hundreds. Just find any old SMPS that has at least 7V and 2amps and 2.1 connector and you should be good (just not as good sound quality). But I doubt it’s the LPS and more likely some sort of handshake issue between the rendu and amp.

What about the SMPS you use to charge the LPS 1.2? Is it within the voltage range of the uRendu? If so, try it and see.

That SMPS is the one that Uptone sold with the LPS 1.2.
The indicator lights are steady and green on both the LPS 1.2 and the ultraRendu.

These problems seem to be the worst when switching between HQPlayer (USB-B) and any other digital source (Toslink/Coax), then back to HQP. Then the handshake completely breaks. Restoring it often takes multiple re-boots of the amp and Rendu.

If I switch from HQP (USB-B) to an analog input device, and back again, it seems to maintain a weak handshake. Just re-applying the HQP settings again tends to restore the connection.

If I switch between the uRendu in Roon-Ready mode and another device, no problem (knock on wood). If I connect a USB cable from my laptop to the amp (the same one used to connect the uRendu), the laptop recognizes the USB device (the amp) immediately. I’ve tried changing ethernet cables, too.

I wonder if HQP’s exclusive mode operation is interfering with smooth switching operations.

After nearly a week of troubleshooting, I’ve concluded the issues described above seem to involve firmware issues. Moving the music server away from the amp (with WiFi now in between) seems to have helped. A better remedy may involve firmware upgrades for the amp, the ultraRendu, the sonicTransporter, or some combination. Fortunately I’ve been getting good support response from Peachtree and Sonore.