uR not controlling volume on latest Brooklyn DAC firmware (v2.34 which added HID support)

As I mentioned in this post, the lastest Brooklyn DAC firmware has added HID volume support. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work on my setup.

sT Roon Server --> mR v2.3 --> Brooklyn DAC v2.34

All software versions of Roon Server and Roon Ready are the latest available.

Any time I turn on the Brooklyn now, the volume jumps to max – I hope I didn’t damage my ears or my headphones!! Although I have set the RoonReady setting to Software volume control, set the Brooklyn volume control to Analog and Bypass= Off, the volume slider in the Roon app does not impact the volume on the Brooklyn. Same when I adjust the volume from the knob on the DAC, Roon does not reflect the change.

I am not sure if the issue is with the Brooklyn, the mR, or with Roon, but I would appreciate any suggestions any of you can provide. Otherwise I’ll revert back to an older firmware. Thanks.

Update: It seems like the volume is changing (I had to get over my fear and put my headphones back on) but the UI and DAC both don’t reflect it. So far, this is terrible for headphone listening. I’ll most likely revert back to the older Brooklyn firmware until they add a new menu setting to give more control (enable/disable HID).

Hi Adeeb,

Did you resolve this issue ? If so, can you tell us what did the trick ?

Unfortunately not. I now unplug my headphones after each listening session since it always starts up at 0dB.

It is also unusual that when I set the RoonReady settings to Hardware volume control, the Roon app cannot control the volume at all. I have to set it to Software.

My other mR feeding the tiny Oppo HA-2SE works perfectly for volume control through Roon when I set it to Hardware, so I am sure something is wrong here either with Brooklyn firmware, mR 2.3, or Roon. Just not sure do to direct this to for further support. Any suggestions on what/where the cause is most likely to be?

I’d suggest updating the mR to 2.5. If that doesn’t change things we’ll ask Support to look into it.

Thanks – I’ve had it on order… still waiting for it to arrive. I’ll update this thread as soon as I’ve had a chance to test.

Just to confirm, upgrading mR to HW 1.4 & OS 2.5 solved this.