Usb 3.0, A-B,good quality cable?

Need a cable to connect my NUC to HDD storage.
Can’t find any offers other than Wireworld. Appreciate any inputs.
Plenty 2.0 but for strange reason Usb 3.0 offer is lacking.

Where are you located?

Toronto,Canada :slightly_smiling_face:

This is what Parts Connection has in USB 3…they are in Toronto. This clearance one is a long cable, but heavily discounted. If can use USB 2, there are choices in XLO and Wireworld. Audio Advisor in Michigan is another place to check.

Also check The Cable Company and Used Other than slow feeding your original loading of data, the USB 2 cable speed is generally sufficient. You’re going to pay a premium for USB 3.

Thanks but don’t need 5m…just half a meter.:slightly_smiling_face:

It only took one click to get to the main page:

My real question is why do need USB 3.0? Loading your music files is for the most part a singular event. USB 3 is faster, but time is money. In this case with USB 2 you’d save money, and from a music access standpoint, you will not notice a difference.

My friend I did my homework.Not in stock,Chris can order:

Because I’m thinking a speedy HD and with 3.0 on NUC,is better to match with 3.0.

If it’s for music, you don’t need it, but its your money.

Yes for feeding the dac indeed 2.0 is enough.
But transfer/moving large hd albums over the network to my storage device (DAS) attached to Nuc, I’m sure 3.0 will be faster :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use a couple of these in the USB2 variant.

Yes indeed!

Spec compliant cable:

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  1. You dont really need USB 3.0
  2. While there can be some debate over the benefits of a higher grade cable on the connection to the DAC, for reading storage anything beyond a well-engineered, shielded USB cable (amazon) is a total, complete waste of time and money.

Just sayin’

There are things that make a difference and things that don’t.

The Roon --> DAC connection, remember, contains an analog-like component; the timing of the samples (let’s not go down that rat-hole here). Yes, the signal should be re-clocked and therefore it shoudl not matter, but i have actually heard differences when noise is removed by, say, a LPS. On the HDD --> Roon link, IMO, no such timing exists since it will go through many intermediary steps on the server.