USB-C dongle DAC - Roon ready/testet versus not

USB-C dongle DAC - Roon ready/testet versus not

I am planning to purchase an IFI Go Bar DAC for use in my office (Windows 11 with Roon SW) and with my iPhone when away.

The iFi Go Bar would work fine with Roon (iFi driver v5.12). The iFi Go Bar is currently not Roon Certified but should work just fine.

But then I was wondering: If we are talking about a dongle, what would be the benefits having an Certified versus Non-Certified? Is this of any importance?

Roon Tested devices are guaranteed to work with Roon since these are validated by Roon staff and kept in stock for support. Optimal settings for these devices will be applied automatically in Roon and a nice little custom line-art icon is offered.

Apart from that, they work the same as all (non-tested) other devices.

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@Torben_Rick Thought that this may be of interest to you. From the website of a large supplier here in Australia.


THX Fergus - Very nice of you :slight_smile: Have a nice WE :slight_smile:

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For your information, I’m currently using the Go Bar with Roon on my iPhone 13 Pro. The battery is on 44% and running fine. I therefore don’t agree with the statement made in that article.

Great to hear that you are not having issues @E_H and obviously enjoying the music.
Just to point out though, it is not an “article”. It is a warning notice on a HiFi Retailers Website that are authorised IFI agents.

Well, I have seen no such warning anywhere else. IFi doesn’t notify on their website either. And as stated earlier, I have not encountered any such issue. Maybe it’s dependent on firmware, not sure.

I wouldn’t worry about that. Buy it from Amazon or Best Buy or somewhere else that has a good and easy return policy.

Have submitted a ticket. I will let you what iFi support has to report.

Thanks to @Fergus_B for the information.

Have a nice WE :slight_smile:

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I’ll gladly wait for the answer.

I did get this reply from iFi technical support :frowning:

based on this qustion:

" Hi

I just purchased iFi audio GO bar. After that I just read this:

“Please note: For iOS devices there are battery issues that relate to power draw with this device. For iPhone 11 and below this device will have intermittent issues. For iPhone 12 and above the GO bar will not function below 50% battery levels. These are iOS software limitations and we are waiting for a fix from our supplier.”

What is the status for this problem? I was planning to use with an iPhone 11."

Thanks for the update. I could test it for you on an iPhone 11 I have laying around if you want.

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Thanks @E_H - That would be nice :slight_smile:

So far so good, but as the iPhone 11 doesn’t have a perfect battery anymore I can’t say much how much it draws.

Edit: through Roon (in my case) it just seems to quit for me to manually start a song again. Not working well with iPhone 11 I guess!


Thanks @E_H

Did a test yesterday - IFI Go Bar DAC (firmware 1.70a) works fine with iPhone 11 and with iPad Pro.


Just to let you know: The IFI Go Bar DAC works fine with - if you need a longer cable: