Usb cd ripping not working

Nucleus Plus**

I am using a USB drive to rip cd’s to the internal storage 4tb of my Nuclues Plus. It worked fine for a week and then stopped working. For a couple of days, I would have to unplug the USB cd drive from the Nucleus Plus to get it to start working. Now that will not work. The web interface says everything is ok and Roon software is stable. I have reinstalled the software and set everything up again with no luck. I have two USB cd drives and neither one will work. They do work when plugged into my laptop.

Hi @Michael_Finch,

Can you please try to perform a full reboot of your Nucleus (power off, unplug, wait 30 seconds power back on)? Does that help resolve this issue?

Doing a full reboot and unplug did fix the problem. It has fixed the problem before, but it happens again. It is a pain when you have time to rip cd’s(it does take a while), but you have to keep fixing a problem.

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Hi @Michael_Finch,

Does one CD in particular trigger this behavior or is this not related to the CD being ripped?

In my experience, this is not related to a particular CD being ripped.

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