USB connection always at 44.1 khz

I am using Roon Nucleus Plus to support music from Qobuz to a Cary Xciter DAC using a USB cable.

While I can see the music on my Roon software shows as being CD quality or 24/96 or even 24/192, the DAC seems to be always showing 44.1 kHz.

Is this an issue with the USB cable or is the DAC not good for a USB 3.0 connection? My DAC was bought about 10 years back.

The manual of your DAC actually states “The USB 2.0 input receives a 24-48kHz data stream”. It also states it’s using a CM-108 USB chip, which really is limited to 48kHz according to the C-media manufacturer specs.

You need to try the coaxial input for Hi-Res sample rates. I think the Nucleus does not have a coaxial output, so you may consider upgrading your equipment. Better yet, get a Roon Ready player.

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Hello @Manash_Dasgupta,

The Cary Xciter DAC is limited to 48kHz when using the USB input.


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Thank you. The DAC can play 192 with the other input channels. Is there any other suggestion without changing the DAC?

If you rule out the Roon Ready Player option (e.g. Lumin D2), you can use a 192kHz USB to SPDIF converter, or a streamer / Roon Bridge with coaxial SPDIF output.

Allo DigiOne works great for me with Coax.

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