USB DAC connected to QNAP NAS does not appear as audio device on controller

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I have recently setup a nice QNAP TVS-871 i7 with 16GB RAM, 1To SSD and 48To HDD and have installed my Roon server on it. It works fine and I can control it with my MacBook pro and my iPhone. My problem is that I want my USB dac (APL Hifi, xmos2.0 USB standard, recognized by the Roon app on my Qnap) connected to the Qnap but the controllers don’t find it. If I connect my dac to my macbook no problem, roon finds it, but not on the Qnap, despite the core recognizing it.

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Hello @Cedric_Boehler and welcome to the forum.

So the RAATServer isn’t blocked by some firewall, that’s good. Did you look into Roon Settings|Audio and does the DAC not show up there or did you just look at the Zones selector? Are there any devices showing in Settings|Audio under “Connected to the Core”?

I assume this is about the right side of the app window? This displays just hardware diagnostics, it’s no guarantee that these devices are recognized by the Roon Server software too (obviously, hence this post).
What are prerequisites for Roon Server to recognize connected devices? They have to be turned on and accessible. ALSA is AFAIK always exclusive – is probably another app (QNAP audio apps, other third-party apps or a HybridDesk Station) on the NAS holding a permanent lock on the DAC?

Maybe a reboot of the NAS would be a good first troubleshooting step?

Note: You can also post screenshots here to show what you see and make your point more clear to others. There is usually also a template for new posts in the support category which helps making setups clear to helpers when filled out.

PS: I don’t know why this post is here. Roon seems to run well on the NAS and the issue lies somewhere else (NAS OS, NAS configuration) – nothing Roon support can help with. IMO this is better placed in QNAP/Synology NAS where it is more likely other NAS users may chime in with their experience. I also ping @crieke, maybe he can share some insights too.

Maybe your DAC is just not recognised by the QNAP NAS?
At least I’m no seeing it on the compatibility list for your NAS.

I would start by trying the standard Audio Station for the QNAP NAS and see if that allows you to play to the DAC. If it doesn’t, then the problem is between the DAC and the NAS and in no way Roon related.

Thanks both !

I will try that and see with the QNAP community too !

Have a good day !

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Hi @Cedric_Boehler,

Since it’s been a few days, so we wanted to verify whether you were able to resolve this issue with the steps suggested previously. If so, we’ll mark @SvenM’s suggestion as the thread solution. If not, we’re happy to help out further. Thank you!

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