USB drive issues [Resolved]

Hello @support,

I am running Roon Version 1.3 (build 223) stable (64bit) on a Sonictransport i5 computer and using my iMac and tablet etc. to control it. As I understand it the Sonictransport runs Linux and my iMac is running macOS Sierra version 10.12.4 with a 3.3GHz Intel i5 core.

My USB drive is a Lacie 4TB USB 3.0 external HDD and the drive is formatted exFat.

I appear to have lost nearly all my Roon music on the USB drive attached to my Sonictransporter. I can still access Tidal which certainly helps.

I say nearly as for some reason I have 2 albums remaining! I should have about 70000 tracks on about 5500 albums or thereabouts.

Using the storage tab of the Roon settings and selecting ‘browse’ I can see the attached drive and its various folders, amongst which is storage/music/usb however under this heading there are just the 2 albums.

However when I connect the same USB drive to my mac I can see 2 folders, one marked ‘artists’ with all my music and another called ‘playlists’ with a playlist inside.

I can’t fathom why the sonictransporter is not seeing the same content as my mac, but its possible i have made an error when adding content to the database as both the albums i can find are fairly recent additions?

I have restarted the Sonictransport and remounted the drive, which seemed to work when I first had the issue last week but does not work now. When I ask Roon to rescan it just finds the 22 tracks on the 2 albums mentioned.

Can you assist?

Kind regards

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You might like to post an image of the storage pane on the settings for your core

Looks to me like you need to add the USB location as a watched folder or storage location

Maybe Andrew will chime in with what the music location is actually using that you have setup there

Yes, Roon is watching the correct folder, but for some reason there are only 22 tracks and 2 albums there when there should be a great deal more. My imac can see all the files though when connected directly to the drive.

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Try to rename the “artists” folder in Music.

On the iMac? What should i rename it too?

files/music/flac/usb presumably?

Also check permissions on the folder. I am not sure why microrendu would chose exfat… I know is good for flash drives but I am not sure how well it behaves with external hdd.

On the Lacie USB drive.

I chose exfat because Andrew Gillis said i should as there were issues with other formats being written to on a Mac.

Thank you. I mentioned ‘on the iMac’ to clarify i was not trying to modify the drive file names via the Sonictransport.

I am still not clear what to rename the files to.

I am not sure how to alter permissions on the folder, particularly when it is connected to the Sonictransport?

@jeremy_davies, This is a close source system. Can help you much. Sorry! :frowning:
I am sure @support can give you a hand!

Hi @jeremy_davies ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Apologies for the troubles.

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to please provide a screen of the “Choose Music Storage Folder” window.

(Path: Storage tab -> Add Folder -> Browse - > “Choose Music Storage Folder” window)


Hi Eric,

Thank you:

@jeremy_davies I’ll connect to your computer from remote and see if I can figure out the problem.

Thank you everyone.

Andrew has connected to the machine as promised and my music is back!

Thank you Andrew.

Hi @jeremy_davies ---- Thank you for the follow up, glad to hear that everything is now functioning as expected. Can you verify what the exact resolve was?


Hi Eric,

Apparently Andrew re-mounted the drive and re-booted and that resolved it. I was sure i tried that myself but perhaps i did something wrong.