USB out stutters on BlueSound Node Gen3

Roon Core Machine

UsingWindows 10. Roon works perfectly with every end device except BlueSound Gen 3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

@Baat_Karlo, I closed your duplicate post as there was no information in it and to consolidate this request to a single topic. Can you please add more details to the information requested, and have you updated to BluOS firmware to version 3.20.45?

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Ethernet RJ45 connectivity between Windows 10 Desktop running Roon and endpoints.

I do not have any stuttering when playing Roon and iFi Zen streamer connected to my Gustard DAC via USB

I do not have any issue with Roon/ Raspberry Pi USB out with Ropieee

I do not have any issue with Cambridge CXN V2 using USB out.

I have updated Bluesound to firmware 3.20.56

Roon/Bluesound works fine with digital out.

Sturrering when streaming Roon using USB and Gustard X-16 DAC

No issues when streaming Bluesound App over USB out

No issue streaming Tidal app with Bluesound connect using USB

Bluesound support says I should contact Roon.

Am I the only one having this issue?

Typo Bluesound Firmware 3.20.45