USB Outputs don't work any more on Roon Rock !?

Roon Core Machine

NuC i7 with Roon Rock last version

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC i7 connected via ethernetcable to router and sotm Neo 200 to DAC
and ! Second part via USB cable to ifi iusb 3.0 to Kii Speakers and Mytek Brooklyn.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

The sotm via ethernet still works fine.
But there is no more connection to ifi iusb3 and Kii and Mytek since today. Even when I try to connect Mytek to the core directly it doesn’t work, no matter on which USB input. Even my backup-usb stick is not known anymore.
I also use ARC and changed the settings for USB drivers to dissable and back to enable.
At Audio I see 6 connected devices, but none does work.

I can play with the Mytek Brookly connecting it with ARC on my Android, but not with my core anymore.

Sorry my English and my knowledge about computers are not better.
Wkr tom

Have you rebooted the nuc?

This thread may give some clues, your issue looks similar.

Thanks for the idea, but I’ve rebooted it in all variations mor than 20 times.

Hi @Thomas_Kleinschuster ,

Those are the HDMI outputs on your ROCK, I’m not seeing your Kii or Mytek listed there, but I looked over your diagnostics and I noticed that they are now appearing properly. Did you manage to resolve this issue?

Hallo Noris,
The solution was to go for a walk with the dog, disconnect everything (USB, lancable and powercourt) from the NUC, turn it upside town and back again wait half a minute, connect everything on the same place and…it worked!
Don’t ask me what it was! Switching of seems to be not enough to reboost this little thing.
Or it got something to do with ARC and enabling USB drivers there?
Thanks for looking!
Wkr tom


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