USB volume synchronization backwards from USB DAC to Roon

I have a Nucleus connected via USB to active digital BeoLab 50 speakers.

This works excellent, except that the back sync of the volume of the speaker to the Nucleus does not seem so function anymore. It did so in a previous Roon version.

This means I can control the volume via Roon. The speakers will adjust their volume as instructed by Roon.

However if I change the volume on the speaker side then Roon does not change its volume setting accordingly.

The previous (1.5) Roon software remembers the volume setting and indeed the startup volume for the BeoLab can be configured.
The observed behavior is:

  • BL starts playing with the configured start volume level.
  • Roon however, will show the Roon volume level.
  • The moment you want to change the volume, either via the BeoLab or via Roon the two are synchronized to the new set value.

At least this is what I observed so far.

Hello @Flere,

I apologize for the delay in our response, this ticket appears to have fallen through the cracks.

Would it be possible to connect the BeoLab 50 speakers to a Mac or PC running Roon Remote or Roon Bridge and attempting to reproduce this behavior? I would also ensure that you have the USB volume control enabled on the BeoLab 50 itself.

USB volume synchronization relies on UAC2 and USB HID volume commands working in tandem.

UAC2 allows the host computer to send volume commands to attached audio devices.

USB HID volume commands allow attached USB devices to send volume commands to the computer.

It appears that the USB HID volume commands sent from the BeoLab 50 are not being received by Roon in this case.


Indeed it seems that USA2 work very well and USB HID does not work.

I have a new USB cable on order. When I have this I will use this to experiment with connecting the BeoLab 50 speakers to Roon remote on my iMac.

Please wait a week or so.

And thanks a lot for digging up this email and responding.


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Well, that took some more time. Finally got around to testing this.
When the BL50 are connected via USB to the iMac they behave exactly the same as when they are connected via USB to the Nucleus.

So indeed the problem seems to be with the BL50.