USBridge and Squeezelite not working with Roon

(Michael) #1

My Allo USBridge (running at v6.8) is working fine as Roon Bridge but I can’t get Squeezelite on it to work with Roon. Roon sees it but when I tell Roon to play, the song is selected but playback does NOT proceed and no sound comes from the DAC/amp (ifi Micro iDSD).

FWIW - I am also using a Sonore microRendu in another room with Roon and that is working fine when the microRendu is configured to use Squeezelite.

I suspect it may be an Allo USBridge issue, so I’m curious to know if others are successfully using Squeezelite on their USBridge.

What am I missing?

(Fernando Pereira) #3

There seems to be a bug in 6.8: ALSA output volume is set to 0 after the update. The work-around is here: DietPi + Allo Web GUI: Now available

(Michael) #4

I had seen that, but since playing of a song within Roon to the USBridge via Squeezelite was not progressing, I thought the problem was more than just zero volume. Also, it is working correctly with Roon Bridge. The problem only appears when using Squeezelite.

(Michael) #5

Ah, my bad. The default bit depth in the Allo WebGUI is 16 bits for Squeezelite. For my ifi iDSD DAC/Amp, i needed to set it to 32. Now working fine.

(system) #6

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