USBridge Cutting Out

Been using my USBridge for a few days now and loving the sound quality but it is just starting to randomly cut out. Roon still recognises it but it can’t play any tracks - in radio mode it tries a track for a few seconds then skips to the next and fails to play each time. I’ve ruled out the NAS storage drive, NUC and Ethernet connection as when connecting through the same Ethernet cable direct to my computer I am able to play music and I can still use all my other zones (MS600 etc).

There doesn’t seem to be any diagnostics I can run - the Roon signal path indicates everything is ok yet it doesn’t play. When I try to access the USBridge via its IP address it asks me for a username and password which I don’t have - its not the same as my Allo purchase account anyway.

One thing I have noticed is after a few hours play it does run hot (I have the aluminium case version) so perhaps its some kind of thermal protection cutting in? I keep it in ventilated area though so wouldn’t expect operating temps to rise too high.

The only way I found to restore things was to pull the power cord from the USBridge and plug back in.

Anyone experiencing these issues or know how I can run some diagnostics?

Just to clarify setup - WD Mycloud NAS wired to network switch wired to NUC7i5 running ROCK wired to USBridge to Meridian Prime HA.



I believe Allo username is pw: allo