Use HQPplayer Pro and Roon


I would like to know if it is possible to use HQplayer Pro with Roon in the same way as HQPlayer Desktop, when launching a track from an Album

Thank you for your answer

Jluc :grinning:

No it is not, on purpose…

Why is not possible ??

Well, not to speak for Jussi, but, it is not the same product. IMHO, Pro is meant primarily for offline conversion, not, real-time playback. Labels and Mastering use it to master a release into a new resolution. The price point kind of emphasizes that.

See a quote from NativeDSD

The NativeDSD editions of the album have been updated by NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield with the use of the Signalyst HQPlayer Pro 4 mastering tools and the “EC” modulators. Creating even better and more involving editions of The Window than the original version of the album.

That being said, @jussi_laako, can you use it to process a 44.1k file to ASDM7EC 512 or 1024? If so, then it would be one way to listen to my preferred modulator at those higher resolutions.

Yes you can

You can try it right now with free trial and convert 30 seconds

Then look at the file size for 30 seconds of DSD1024-7EC audio and then go look at the Pro license cost :smiley: