Use of Roon logo for personal, non-commercial purposes


Can I use the Roon logo for my own, personal, non-commercial use?
I would like to prepare a sticker for the case of my Intel NUC on which I have installed Roon Rock. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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While we’re waiting for an official answer, you could also buy a Roon sticker from their store…


Nice of you to ask, but I’d think that falls under fair use. And who’s going to know which sticker you have on your core anyway

Thank you for your replies - I’d like to be fair to Roon Labs :slight_smile:
When I brag (joke) about my Audio - Setup on Facebook or Istagram and the Roon logo appears on the case the whole world will see it :):slight_smile: (joke)


It’s fair use… feel free.

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You’re advertising Roon for them :grinning:

Nice to see someone taking IPR issues seriously. Always best to ask if unsure in any way…


What no tattoo yet ? :man_shrugging:t2:


Thank you very much for all the replies!
I’m glad that I can complete my project:) Have a nice day!

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