Use of Roon on iPad for people with disabilities, Voice control

I have a disability and can’t touch my screen so Roon app is very difficult to use because it does not enable voice control technology that most apps available on Apples App Store do.

Basically it’s a series of numbers posted throughout the page that allow you to State the number versus touch the screen. I have considerable difficulty touching the screen so it’s not easy to use Roon.

Is there any way this could be addressed in the next update?

On iOS devices (I have an iPhone SE2) you can activate voice control in the Accessibility menu.

You then have the option for a number grid over the screen. It can be set to auto dim and a dimmed opacity over the screen.

Then voice control by saying a number.
This’ll then give a small grid of numbers.

This might help you.

I’ve just tested the above and it works ok.

Yes I am aware of the grid. But use of the auto generated numbers appearing throughout the screen it’s not available.

Most apps use the auto generated numbers which is far better. The grid takes a lot of Time and awkward

I am requesting that roon enable this feature in their app since most other apps have this already. It would be nice if people cared about people with disabilities more than they do

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Hi @richard_a

Yes, I fully understand you. The grid is a little more tricky than the numbered items.

I voted for this suggestion as it’s a very good idea.

I’ll post a link to this in other threads I’m on and ask them to vote.

@danny is this on a roadmap for future updates to the OPs suggestion?

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Thank you so much. It’s interesting because the discussion boards have numbers all over the place which is really good but the roon main section with all the music doesn’t have any numbers.

For me I have considerable difficulty touching the screen of an iPad and can’t use a mouse because it creates considerable stress and discomfort to my arms. I can no longer use a keyboard except to type maybe one or two words and then it’s no longer possible. Hopefully someone will Focus on this issue and maybe help a lot of people thank you

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Thank you for your interest. Has Danny responded to you?

No, but thats fine, it might be on their radar now though.

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Can you please send another note to your contact. People tend to ignore problems when they relate to people with disabilities.

I use numbers inserted on screen to allow voice control on an iPad but they are seriously restricted and not fully functional for Roon. Other app providers allow this functionality… Apple says the Company who provides the Roon ap needs to enable for full functionality of voice control. Why can’t this be done to provide disabled people the ability to use Roon in a comfortable manner?

Hi @richard_a

I’ll nudge the Roon team to see if there’s any nibbles.

@jamie @danny


For Roon, this statement still holds true as ever and probably won’t change any time soon. It’s just what tech existed at the time when we started Roon (that accomplished what we needed), and changing this would mean rewriting the UI of the apps in a brand-new framework.

This applies less to ARC since ARC’s UI is not based on the same technologies.

closing this one out since the other feature request exists.

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Why would you close this out?

You said that since the other feature request exists.

Exactly what are you talking about the other functionality is extremely difficult to work with?

Why would this work and not the individual numbers spotted throughout the page?

Have you considered asking Apple to advise on this?

You do acknowledge that a proper accessibility feature does not exist.

Maybe rewriting the user interface would be welcome overall.

Apple provides a UI kit for app designers which allows them to make app accessibility for everybody.

I spoke to technical advisors at Apple and they said this software update to all apps designed for disability purposes should work. Most app developers use this.

Can someone please reply to let me know if Roon has explored this Avenue?
Thank you

This is the link from apple relating to installation of disability features within the app. Most app developers use this feature. Can this be used on the roon ap to allow Roon to be accessible to those with disabilities?

Apple has expressed that this feature should be acceptable to all existing Apple apps.

You’ll see in Post within this discussion that I have included a link to an Apple software kit that can be used to install full Voice control capabilities for apps which developers use when they have apps on an iPad.

A roon founder initially responded in this discussion without enthusiasm for this issue.

As noted above I posted a link and no reply.

Is there anyway to get an answer as to whether this Apple software kit would be workable. Again very disappointing that Roon is out of step with just about everybody who uses apple apps

Thank you

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Danny is the Roon voice of god.

I’m unable to offer further advice on this, although a shame.

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Still no comment as to whether Apple HomeKit can be installed on the roon ap?
when you’re half paralyzed and have great difficulty using the other arm these things are important.

It’s interesting this message board allows use of all the numbers so the interface seems different I guess but it would be nice to see all the Numbers for voice control on roon.


Ipad allows Apps to use voice control, and all apps tend to use it. Except roon.
Why is this?

It’s very difficult for someone with paralysis to use this app.
Can something be done to fix this.
Thank you

@richard_a as your topic was not posted in a specific category I have moved it in the #roon:appleios category.