Use of Roon on iPad for people with disabilities, Voice control

I have a disability and can’t touch my screen so Roon app is very difficult to use because it does not enable voice control technology that most apps available on Apples App Store do.

Basically it’s a series of numbers posted throughout the page that allow you to State the number versus touch the screen. I have considerable difficulty touching the screen so it’s not easy to use Roon.

Is there any way this could be addressed in the next update?

On iOS devices (I have an iPhone SE2) you can activate voice control in the Accessibility menu.

You then have the option for a number grid over the screen. It can be set to auto dim and a dimmed opacity over the screen.

Then voice control by saying a number.
This’ll then give a small grid of numbers.

This might help you.

I’ve just tested the above and it works ok.

Yes I am aware of the grid. But use of the auto generated numbers appearing throughout the screen it’s not available.

Most apps use the auto generated numbers which is far better. The grid takes a lot of Time and awkward

I am requesting that roon enable this feature in their app since most other apps have this already. It would be nice if people cared about people with disabilities more than they do

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Hi @richard_a

Yes, I fully understand you. The grid is a little more tricky than the numbered items.

I voted for this suggestion as it’s a very good idea.

I’ll post a link to this in other threads I’m on and ask them to vote.

@danny is this on a roadmap for future updates to the OPs suggestion?

Thank you so much. It’s interesting because the discussion boards have numbers all over the place which is really good but the roon main section with all the music doesn’t have any numbers.

For me I have considerable difficulty touching the screen of an iPad and can’t use a mouse because it creates considerable stress and discomfort to my arms. I can no longer use a keyboard except to type maybe one or two words and then it’s no longer possible. Hopefully someone will Focus on this issue and maybe help a lot of people thank you

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