Use Roon to stream music to Amazon Echo speaker

Although I found a thread on enabling Alexa voice control for roon, I did not find a feature request for streaming to a Amazon Echo via Roon.

Is this feature on the roadmap somewhere? Would be great if I could use Roon for streaming music to my Amazon Echo in the Bedroom.

Yeah, I know, I could use amazon prime or Spotify for streaming directly, but I am a Tidal user :slight_smile:


I also searched and would like to see Amazon Echoes as Roon endpoints.
Would be really great!


Got them all over the house. Would love them for background music, news delivered directly to the kitchen. As a roon endpoint, no voice control neeeded.

I realize this is not in heavy demand. But they are the market leader in that area, and there are more and more devices that deliver quite respectable audio (like the new echo+ plus echo sub.


Add a bluetooth dongle to PC and use that to stream via Bluetooth to it. Its about the only way its conceivable to do this. It does not have a streaming protocol built in like ChromeCast or Airplay, or proprietary system like the Sonos range to reverse engineer. So there is now way for Roon to add support.

buy a sonos one instead of an echo. supports roon & Alexa.

Good call forgot about that.

I doubt Roon will ever consider integration until there is an open way to cast to echos; amazon have Alexa cast but they have not opened it up to developers, as far as my google searches show.

I don’t think they would integrate google cast; maybe there is a chance for airplay but the most likely outcome will be Alexa cast. And then hopefully it’ll work like google cast and Roon can integrate it into their apps.

Amazon plans to eventually make Alexa Cast available to third-party developers as well, a spokesperson confirmed Thursday. The spokesperson wasn’t able to share any specifics on timing yet. Opening up Alexa Cast will allow Spotify and others to add playback control for Echo speakers to their mobile apps as well.

Update: 1:15pm: This post was updated with a statement from an Amazon spokesperson.


I’m wondering if Roon is looking to integrate Alexa Cast. I find Alexa Cast to work exceptionally well in Spotify, and it would give Roon users access to many, many more endpoints! Not audiophile to be sure, but a flexible, convenient alternative that many of us already have around the house.

Is there an API available for 3rd parties? I thought Amazon called if fling?

I may have misspoken. Apparently the Alexa Cast features in Spotify are called Spotify Connect, which is possibly not the simple implementation of an API, I really don’t know. One reason I’d like to see it in Roon is that Alexa doesn’t play well with Qobuz, so this would provide a simple way to get Qobuz content to play in other parts of the house.

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HI, Bill_Janssen. I think your reply might refer to another topic. This thread is about streaming music to echo speakers, not about using alexa voice commands to control roon. In any case, I too am looking to use Roon to stream music to Amazon Echo devices. Please let me know what I can do to bump this priority up on the feature request backlog.


I’m a +1 for this solution, but with caveats.

I have tried a similar solution previously, not with Roon but with Logitech Media Server (LMS) and the smartskills for Alexa.

I bought an Alexa Studio and hoped to use the aforementioned software to stream my local .flac format media to my Alexa enpoints, only to discover that outside of the AmazonHD service, the Alexa kit would not render flac format, only mp3 files. From my readings this seems to be a restrictions in the sdk rather than a hardware limitations.

My reason for sharing is that if what I’ve read is correct, then even if Roon were to offer this capability they would most likely be caught by the constraints.

So for me, I want to be able to stream to Alexa, but not in a lossy way, I want to push lossless content down to it.

Spend $10 on Spotify premium. Wireless to spotifyConnext decides like microRendu.
What’s to lose. Have fun :tada::tada::tada:

Hello, As a lifetime user, I would also be interested to be able to stream from roon to amazon echo speakers as I am currently force to do with Spotify (which wonderfully support alexa cast).
At home they are the only devices not (yet) supported by roon (I own RAAT, Airplay 1/2, Chromecast devices). Not every room needs a dedicated 2.x system or multichannel system (think about bathroom, kitchen etc…). Please add support to those in a future release.
Thank you
PS: I think there is some confusions made by others here, this is not about controling roon with Alexa (still that would be great, so goes for the other 2 voice assistant Siri & Google home) but sending audio to an Alexa cast ready device like the Echo.

I bought a Sonos Roam a month ago, it works great with Alexa, BBC Sounds, Spotify, Amazon HD, TuneIn Radio, Qobuz and is an AirPlay 2 and Roon and UPnP endpoint. Sounds good, rechargeable, small and portable. Alexa won’t talk to Roon, which is a pity, but hardly the end of the world, as you can use your phone or tablet. Very impressed with Alexa.

Well… you are confused between Alexa as the vocal assistance and Alexa cast (streaming protocol) to send audio to Amazon devices namely the Echo… 2 completly different things. Just like Siri and Airplay in the Apple world.

I don’t think I am confused at all really. I can say to my Roam “Alexa, ask BBC Sounds to play The World at One”, or “Alexa, play music by The Beatles on Apple Music”. It would be nice, by analogy, if I could also say “Alexa, ask Roon to play some Joni Mitchell”. Alas, Roon is not in Alexas skill set. Not a big deal.

I do have Roon going to all amazon echos in my house. You can you the Echo Link. Plug your streamer into it, and in the alexa app you can choose what Echo devices it goes to.

Hello, I see but a echo link is $200, a echo dot 4th generation $40 and if roon would support alexa cast to echo devices there is no need for another streamer/device with supports roon and connect the echo link at its outputs.
Second to that actually the echo link does not seem to be sold in Europe.
Thank you for the suggestion, best regards,