Use Roon to stream music to Amazon Echo speaker

Oh yeah, I agree with you, I want that too. I already had one around the house, and was pretty happy about figuring it out, but yeah built in would be better for sure.

Why is all this nonsense necessary? Roon ought to be an “audiophile” product. Just buy what is supported (and this is more than enough) and don’t ask them to support every sh*itty protocol and speaker out there.

There is so much more useful that they could implement.

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partly because a lot of us have Echo speakers around the house already, and maintaining redundant playback systems is a bit of a pain. it would be nice to be able to integrate the two, for whole house/background listening.


Roon is missing fundamental features and not a short hardware compatibility list.

And I mean features limiting functionality. Your case would be solved with spending a couple dollars on other speakers. LoL

Please keep Alexa and Siri and any other soothing voiced bots away from my hifi!


I have great speakers, in a treated dedicated stereo room. I also have 12 Echos around my home and it is fun to pick something on roon and have it play every ware in sync. Echo speakers are not the best, but having them play in all the major rooms in my house at the same time and right volume for the room it’s in. Is a pretty great way to listen to music too.


Yes, I’d like this too. I have really nice things in a few rooms of the house, but why not be able to get music in every room (that has an Alexa in it)?

I have an Echo Link Amp inside the house wired to the speakers on my hot tub out back, and I got it specifically to stream music to outside. I hadn’t thought of hooking up a streamer to the Echo Link. What a great idea? Like you, I have Amazon Echo devices all over the house.

Now I’m going to have to figure out how to use the app to redirect an input on the Echo device to a speaker group :smiley: .

BTW, you made my day. I love learning new things.

is there any update here? or its still not possible and alexa cast is not implemented…?

Now that RoonARC is here it would be great to have a RoonARC skill on Alexa.