User Edits of a Composition Title

I have an LP boxset that is destined never to be recognized. However, all of its compositions should be recognizable and linkable.

I noticed that one Concerto with three movements had no opus, so I Go to Composition, Edit, Edit Title, and add " Op. 15". The change is duly noted on the Composition Page, but when I navigate back to the Album Page, no opus.

So, if Edit Composition Title does not work (and it did not here), what will work?

In my experience, once a link has been made between a performance and a composition, you can edit the titles to your heart’s content and the link remains. This sort of makes sense because different performances may be recorded with different titles.

So, if you want to change the titles, you have to change both ends of the link.

At least, that’s what I do.

Here’s Billie…

And again…after editing title, and nothing else,

Track one still points to same composition

A big never mind. I just returned to the Album page and the changes I made on the Composition page are now being shown:

But still no linking to the “rich metadata”.

My sense is if the linking doesn’t occur in several minutes, its not going to.

Interesting. Evidently I’ve never had the patience!

Here’s what just happened. Went to my tagger, and modified the three tracks’ Track Titles to add " Op. 15" and voila! Linkage to the outside world!

Inference, Composition Editor edits play no role in linking. I guess user edits are for cosmetic purposes only. Maybe stretching the inference too much.

And if you remove an “op 15”, now, do you lose the metadata link?

Now that it is linked, my user edit has been obliterated and replaced by a Roon-preferred clone. So no user entry to undo.