User submission of icons for DACs/endpoints?

I know it’s a bit sad, but I would love a ‘proper’ icon for my Devialet 200 :wink:

I’m so jealous of screengrabs showing custom icons.

I’d be happy to draw one and submit it!?


I’ve asked for this as well in the past…

My understanding is that if the RoonLabs have tested / do test with a given device and “certify” it then it gets an icon.

Us ‘uncertified’ types would like one too… :wink:

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Sure but that’s just silly. There are thousands of possible endpoints. So this an impossible task…the generic speaker icon gets old soon.
Right now I see a speaker when using airplay (through a denon dnp720 mediaplayer), a dedicated icon for my apple tv, a dedicated icon for my meridian Explorer2, a speaker for using my build in speakers on my mac and again a speaker for my Arcam rpac…

5 minutes of photoshop et voila… But nowhere to add it :cry:

Its difficult to add all of them, so the solution is to let the user add what they want. Simple thumbnail attachment to an end point in the audio settings.

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Shamelessly bumping this.

I now have a RoonReady device (microrendu) so it comes with its own graphic. Great if that’s what you want - but I don’t really as it doesn’t visually represent what we interact with as a household, which is the Devialet amp.

So I guess what I’m asking is could we please asign custom graphics to our zones - regardless of whether they’re RoonReady or not. At this stage I’d probably use simple graphics for Lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen, etc as they’re the most obvious in terms of the house.


Hi, folks,
Anybody from Roon’s staff could tell us if this request will be accomplished sooner or later?

Roon traditionally don’t give such information, but with over two years having passed I think it’s an unlikely feature addition.

Add custom zone icons. Bumping this along as a feature request.

Alternatively, is there a procedure for a manufacturer to submit a custom graphic for inclusion in Roon?


Steve Z

Similar to way your user avatars are generated on this community board. Now that would be pretty cool. However I do like the present selection of zone icons. Only thing is that the zone icon for my bedroom zone shows a bed that is made!?!?