Users of LS50W (wireless) Regarding settings and SQ

Hello LS50W users!

I purchased LS50W about a month ago. I have peculiar case of sound quality although elsewhere in one of those LS50W threads I had written that its getting better etc. However everything seems to be pulled back.

My status on the setup:
Stands (Custom) are yet to arrive.
They are on a table top (enough space from wall).
No matter all options i have tried (good help from @hk6230 ) I m unable to see improvement.

RoonServer is on MacAir -> AQ Jitter-bug-> AQ USB -> LS50W. Thats it! simple and i m liking my setup as its very easy like a appliance. Roon Remote - ipad4 mini

I m suspecting if MacAir doing any mischief on the bits that are transported to LS50W. Question is, is there a way to make MacAir do nothing to the bits. Is there a way to set it to “do nothing to bits” settings on MacAir or Roon ?

For the LS50W zone in Roon, set the DSP master switch to off.

If that doesn’t help, I would try removing the Jitterbug from the chain.

How long is that USB cable?

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Everything (SQ) seem to have been pulled back. Hence i had to enable DSP and play with EQ. Will try once again putting it off completely.

USB cable is 0.75mtrs.

Will try removing Jitterbug. Any specific reasons for removal of jitter bug?

Also it is very frustrating to get to LS50W settings. I have done many resets, connected to my home wifi. AirportExpress sits right next to LS50W, but from App it takes some time to reach speaker settings and then fails to connect. I tried connecting ETH cable to my switch (also sits close to AirportExpress and wired).

What does your signal chain say?

What are the device settings in Roon?

Screenshots are helpful.

What soundquality issues are you experiencing, and what setup where you used to before?

I have enabled DSP up-sampling EQ et al, Will also try putting them OFF ( i know how it sounds without DSP enabled).

My doubts are on MacAir settings too.

Will send once I get to them (30mins away).

Previous setup Roon + Devialet (Sold) + KEF 203/2 (still have them, without amp for now)

And have the LS50W’s sounded better or is it just a step back from what you where used to?

Not much you can do wrong on a Mac, set Roon to exclusive mode and it should be fine.

LS50W sounded same from day one. I think one day i was playing with DSP EQ (after few rounds of scotch down) and i forgot to put it off. Next day it sounded nicer than so I left it at that but after checking that EQ is enabled I m struggling again.

and yes its little step back from what i m used to but what i m saying is it should not be too far away. I m generally not very critical. But this one is too much PULLED back on all areas.

[quote=“paaj, post:8, topic:28294”]
Roon to exclusive mode
[/quote] Forgot how to do this? I used to do this for Devialet. I dont think i see it on now. another 15mins away … from powering up my setup.

Just a complication in the chain that can be easily removed/replaced, so worth trying if turning off DSP doesn’t point to the solution (IMO).

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I remember doing exclusive mode on Roon for Devialet. Don’t find it any more

Settngs - audio - device setup - playback

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Super :smiley:. Done that

For some reason I had created new zone called USB and streamed from MacAir.

While all the while the LS50W was visible to be used. I named it as LS50W exclusive, so I don’t get confused in future.

Don’t want to get excited now regarding SQ improvement (liking it now). will audition once again with my earlier (un wanted) set up and Exclusive mode to see if there is difference.

I hear clear difference between earlier setup to Exclusive mode.

Voices are clearer, drums have improved. Not much difference in Lows? No idea need to do more audition. Highs are clearer now.

Thanks guys! This was helpful.

Will update more on Low Freqs tomorrow morning.

Good to hear. Just remember that the Ls50 won’t give the bass output that a 203/2 can give.

If you slide the speakers closer to back wall, bass will increase. Only you can decide how close sounds best for you (it will vary widely based on room size).

@paaj and @TomG … I m not too concerned on bass comparison between 203/2s and LS50W. LS50W are enormous to their size on the bass they produce and for my liking they are really good. In fact my daughter called out “they look cute in white/copper combo” but the amount of bass they produce (not close to 203/2s i get it) cannot be adhered to the comment on “cute-ness” :slight_smile: .

I was referring to LOWs SQ with my settings in Roon in Exclusive mode and my earlier stupid Roon settings i did. Just woke up for quick water … will update once I power them up later in the day.

I also need to update them for latest release.

@orgel - I did remove the jitterbug and did not find any difference to my ears. I agree why add one more in the chain. However Jitterbug as you already know is passive and not active so no distortion to digital signals coming from computer.

[quote=“Jnan_Roon, post:18, topic:28294”]
I was referring to LOWs SQ with my settings in Roon in Exclusive mode and my earlier stupid Roon settings i did. Just woke up for quick water … will update once I power them up later in the day
[/quote] for my ears no (almost to nothing - could be physiological :grinning:) Difference between Exclusive mode to What I did using system setup.

Btw they are done about 20 hours by now!