Using a NUC6CAYH as a Rock endpoint through toslink

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I’ve been having issues with the USB DAC on my Oppo so was thinking about buying a NUC6CAYH and installing Rock on it, with the intention of outputting that into the Oppo 105D optical input from the toslink headphone jack.

Any ideas if that’ll work? I don’t really want to buy it and then find out it doesn’t or isn’t supported for some reason!

Thanks in advance


Any reason not to use usb? Just interested to know as I use a rock setup to my Oppo 105 (not D) via usb connection.

Yes, I have another post on here from recently. The USB DAC keeps dropping out and requires unplugging / restarting and sometimes it starts again and sometimes not. I’ve started using the optical cable with no issues at all but means using my MacBook and plugging it into a hub.

Figured this might be a neat solution, unless I can sort the Oppo somehow…?

Another cheaper option might be a raspberry pi with a digi hat with optical or coax out, like allo digione

Potentially, but this is $99usd… when I was looking at those others they were more expensive? I figured that this could also be used as a windows or maybe OS X machine in the future if the needs changed

If the best possible sound via S/PDIF is the goal, one option to consider is the Pi 2 Design Pi2AES, about which I have heard much positive feedback. This design takes the signal from the RPi I2S interface and, I would assume, is nicer than a NUC’s phones/Toslink out.

Cheap enough then to try as an option I guess

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