Using Amare Musica Diamond Server

Hi Ryan,
I also have an Amare Musica Diamond that I bought directly to the factory, but could not connect it to the network, here in my country it is difficult to find a person who knows about audio and network, usuallly they have experience with commercial networks, but don’t know much about audio.
Also would like to know if you finally could use Roon with the Amare, and how did you do.
I highly aprecciate your comments.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Ryan,
I also have just purchased an Amare Musica Diamond Server and don´t know how to setup the unit, in fact I couldn’t even connect to my house network. Could you get it connected to Roon?
How did you do?
I purchased the unit directly from the factory thinking about getting the best support, but it’s been more than one month sending emails and they don´t reply, I feel frustrated because of the lack of support from them directly,
If you can provide some guides about setting the unit I will highly aprecciate it very much.
Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @Luis_Dobarro,

The team has brought it to my attention that you’ve had some further questions about this. We’ve looked into what we know about this device and, unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to be able to provide additional help getting this device working with Roon

This is not an official Roon device, like Nucleus, nor is it a Roon Core partner, Roon Tested, or Roon Ready device. We do not have this hardware in-house and we have never been provided any information about this device from Amare.

We’ve had discussions with Amare in the past but it has been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from them. We also looked and it appears that their website is down and not functioning properly, so it doesn’t look like we can contact them further at this time.

We wish we had better news for you here, Luis. You have our apologies for the trouble.

Hello Luis, I’m very sorry to read your trouble. I owned a Amare Musica Diamond server and I can say that it was a bad experience. Roon as never been officially supported and never been a Roon ready device. The product itself is very well engineered but you never know what you have inside (version) and software is nearly never updated. The owners are not speaking very well English, which is not a problem, but they only feedback when they have time or when they want so nearly … never. Mine was out of order because of the main board and it took me nearly 5 month to have it back as it was around Munich show and they sent my unit to the wrong customer (in Italy,…) etc… very pour service, very poor maintenance and support while the product have everything to be great. Last point, on my unit, the usb was playing 10 dB higher than aes or spdif. This is a huge difference making the aes output really bad vs USB. Amare and French distributor always said that it was normal … perhaps we don’t have the same ears.
I wish you all the best with this product but you should not expect so much.

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