Using Apple Music Playlists

I mostly use Apple Music and the option to store my playlists in the cloud with my apple ID so I can access them on any of my devices. Is there a way for Roon to access the icloud xml so I can interface my Roon with iTunes playlists?

Hello @Jeffrey_Perelman, and welcome to the community. If you’re using Apple Music we recommend following this guide to get your tracks and playlists into Roon. While at the moment we cannot access data stored in Apple’s cloud service. Please let me know if you have any questions about the guide I provided, I’d be happy to help!

This does not work for Apple Music. I wonder if Roon 1.8 will finally support Apple Music playlists when running on the same Apple machine. That’s the feature I miss the most. Does anyone know anything about this?

i faced the same issue but then i use to transfer my playlist

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