Using Basic File Information

I’m finding it difficult to understand how Roon accesses the basic file information, or how it can be forced to do so. On some occasions, when I go through the process of Identify Album and click through until the only option is None of these look right, I am finally presented with the option to use Basic File Information. On other occasions, the final step is never offered.

Is there any means to manually force Roon to use the Basic File Information? Below is an example of an album that Roon appears unable to identify but neither is it using basic file information.

Hey @thompo – the album in your screenshot is “unidentified”. There’s no option to use the basic file information, since that’s already being displayed.

If we’ve identified an album, you should always be able to select “None Of These Look Right”, to discard the match and opt for your file information, but my suggestion would be to only use this as a last resort (meaning to correct a match that’s incorrect). Since this will permanently detach the album from the identification in our database, all you’ll see in Roon is the tags from your files, even if our metadata improves.

Our next release will have a variety of ways to display your file tags side by side with Roon’s metadata. This way you can display file data from any fields that are important to you and, as Roon’s metadata continues to improve, new data sources and corrections will be updated automatically without touching your files or edits.