Using convolution filters on Roon Server for Linux


I recently migrated my Roon Core from Windows to Linux. So far everything is working properly, but I don’t know how I can use my convolution filters. In the Windows GUI, I can load a convolution file on the core, which can then be remotely activated or deactivated with the remote apps (iOS and Android).

Is anyone using convolution filters with Linux? If so, how do you install them?

Hi @Nicholas_Seltzer, it’s me again. I use convolution filters for headphone listening. This is the knowledge base page: which you may or may not have seen. The usual process is to upload them from a Roon remote client running on a PC or Mac, it’s not possible from the Android or iOS remote clients. Once they’re loaded you can select them for use with particular endpoints. How are you trying to do this and what’s going wrong?

Hi Killdozer,
Thanks for the reply. I figured out that I could install the convolution files by connecting a PC and doing it that way.

I’m curious how you built your filters for your headphones. Do you have an EARS rig or something?

Hi @Nicholas_Seltzer, I don’t but I virtually know a man who does. This gives me a chance to give a mention to my favourite thread on this site:

It’s worth working through and the results have been good across 4 pairs of headphones and counting. I never listen to headphones without and would recommend experimenting with a little crossfeed also. Feel free to ask questions.

Thanks for the link. I tried plugging in some parametric EQ values for my HD 800S. Not bad. Sounds about like what I’d expect to produce on my own with an EARS rig or equivalent.