Using hearing aids with Roon doesn't work [Ticket In]

Hi All,

I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to see if this issue is still present or if there’s been any change in behavior? If you’re still having issues with Roon and hearing aids, please do let us know, thanks!

Hi Noris
Tbh i gave up waiting. i got round it using an Android phone and the otticon connect Bluetooth Adaptor. I have just tried it direct with the i pad and unfortunately the same issue is still there.

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Hi @Paul_Howell ,

Thanks for confirming that the issue is still current on your end. I’ve been discussing this with the team and we believe we see what is going on here, it looks like audio content is being re-sampled to a 16kHz sample rate that is the highest that the hearing aid supports, and this sample rate is currently not supported by Roon. We’ve put in a ticket to see if we can improve this behavior.


I have some time ago reported the same problem and also with me it is still there using Oticon OPN hearing aids. I hope you are able to solve the problem.

Pieter dVR

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Thanks Noris

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Also with ROON ARC I have still the same problem! I hope it can be solved. My hearing aids are also Oticon OPN1.


Me too i did mention it as a beta tester.

The problem is more urgent since ARC is available. But I mentioned the problem already two years ago! there has been a lot of messages about this problem, but it hasn’t been solved sofar.

Pieter dVR

Continuing the discussion from Using hearing aids with Roon doesn't work [Ticket In]:

Hi, I have the same problem with the Oticon More 1 hearing aids. As others have noted, there is no trouble playing directly from the Qobuz app, nor is it a problem to play directly from the VOX app. However, playing from Roon the songs skip very quickly through to the end of the playlist and then stop.

Roon have said it is something to do with the lower power bluetooth that Apple and oticon use. It still does it with ARC and they are aware of this also.
I got round it by using the oticon connect box on an Android phone.( Android doesnt have the low power Bluetooth as its owned by Apple i believe and the hearing aids are “made for iphone” ) Not ideal at £170 but the wife prefered that to an iPhone in the end. I would imagine( not tried it but will when time alows) that the box would connectc and use regular Bluetooth with ipad/ iphone.

I don’t understand why we can use our hearing aids with Tidals Qobuzs app and not with ARC and Roon (at home). As long as this problem is not solved ARC isn’t useful for me!

Pieter dVR

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As @noris said above it appears that 16kHz sample rate is the highest that the hearing aid supports, and this sample rate is currently not supported by roon. Everyone else must’ve included support, as ive not come across any other software on ios that doesnt work with the hearing aids yet.

What is @support planning to do on this problem? As long as this is not solved ARC doesn’t have any meaning to me. I am waiting for two years! Listening to Tidal directly is no problem.
Pieter dVR

You should find the latest update has solved this issue. It has for me on ARC and Roon remote

@Paul_Howell Which update do you mean?

Pieter dVR

This one.

Thanks. Yes I found it and it works!! After waiting for two years!

Pieter dVR


Thats Brilliant

Latest update has solved this problem


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