Using Multiple computers with Roon

I’m not sure where I should post my inquiry. Perhaps you will move it if it doesn’t directly concern Support?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon Nucleus updated to 1.8.
Primary computer is Windows 10 Pro Core i7.
Secondary computer Windows 10 Pro Core i5
Tertiary To be determined and relevant to my question.
There are presently four fully equipped stereo systems each with Roon Endpoints and hardwired to Ethernet.

I need to buy a laptop or Mircrosoft’s Surface Pro. Presumably this means it would operate over Wi-Fi.
Before I do that, I want to know if Roon has any difficulties with multiple computers active in the Roon network and if there are any particular problems if I were to chose the Surface Pro instead of a laptop. I am leaning toward buying a Surface Pro.

Would I face any complications in adding another device? Using Wi-Fi?

Thanks for any guidance.

Not at all. And it’s your network, not Roon’s network, Roon does nothing special relative to your network, other than require a solid infrastructure to work trouble free – especially if your trying to run wireless to endpoints. You can add as many devices to your network as you want. I have a bunch of computers and over 120 devices in total on mine and Roon plays nice with them and feeds 12 zones of music without any issue from my Nucleus.

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If you are using the pc as an endpoint then it may or may not work on WiFi. Depending on your WiFi, the resolution of the music etc.
As to number if endpoints that’s only limited by how many your core can feed with its resources.
I have an i5 nuc and 10 endpoints.

Was just typing a response, but can now shorten it to what Craig said

Good luck


That is definitely reassuring! Thanks.

I assume I would want to use it as an endpoint. Why might it not work on Wi-Fi?? I have a Netgear Nighthawk router and a fairly small house of 1700 sf with reliable coverage everywhere, 99% of my music is redbook WAV, though I’m now interested in adding SACD albums and other higher res music.

See this post:


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