Using old iMac G5 as display

I’ve got hold of an absolutely pristine white iMac G5 20" and I’d love to be able to use it as a web display. I’ve tried copying the core display URL into Safari on the iMac but I just get the black screen and under SETTINGS/DISPLAY nothing shows up.

Is it just too old to use for a display? The browser is Snow Leopard 10.6.8. If so anyone got any Roon/other uses for an old but lovely iMac?

Way too old…I have a couple of them. I have one of the old half round base lcd screen units too but it’s days of other than looking pretty on a shelf are gone for anything useful :sleepy:

Oh, shame. It does look pretty though.

Hello @Graeme_Allan,

That iMac does look quite old but I would try installing the most recent version of Google Chrome on it and see if that works. Also make sure to press “Display Now” in Roon as per our Display Zone Guide.

– Noris

Does chrome even have a ppc os capability? Netscape might be an option but the browser capability of yester year will not cope with the likes of new html command sets afaik

Thanks for the replies. Actually, Google Chrome is already on the machine from the previous owner. On the core display URL I get the black window and the Roon logo but sadly nothing else. No display shows up in Settings.

I’ve got a screen share going but it’s a rather inelegant work around.

@Graeme_Allan - I would check to make sure that Roon is added as an exception in the OSX firewall on both Core and Display:

If it is and the display is still not working I fear you the display would be too old as initially suggested.

– Noris