Using Playlists To Import Track Ratings from iTunes

Is there any update on this? Is it planned for the future, just on a maybe list, or perhaps abandoned!

The updated album rating functionality was released with Roon 1.1.

Not much new to report on track rating. We’ve heard very strong feedback from a few users, and like any feature request we’re watching closely to see how popular the request is. We haven’t made a firm decision on this, but I should be clear that it’s not a trivial change.

For the moment, one workaround could be creating tags for this purpose (5 Stars, 4 Stars, etc). Tags are really versatile in Roon, and you can already access them from most screens in Roon. I know this doesn’t help those of you wanting to import track ratings from iTunes, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Thanks for the feedback, @Brian69!

Thanks for the update Mike. I’m wondering if your Tags suggestion might actually be quite easy to implement via iTunes? Lets say you created 5 playlists in iTunes, one for each star rating. (easy to do in iTunes, sort on track rating, cut all five star rated tracks and paste into a “Rated 5” playlist, repeat for 4 stars etc.

Being new to Roon, this is the bit I’m not sure about… If I then go into Roon, I will see my five playlists, if I tag everything in the “Rated 5” playlist as “5 stars”, is this metadata then held in Roon?

OK - I have tried the above. It got frustratingly close to doing pretty much what I wanted. I can import a rated 5 playlist from iTunes, I can save a copy in Roon, I can select all and tag as 5. In Roon I can search on 5, select tags, and I get a list of tracks rated 5. I can then also filter or search for say “Bowie” and get Bowie tracks rated 5. This is all good stuff, in fact I am thinking tags might offer advantages over track ratings, for example I could “rate” (tag) tracks as 6 if I so desired. (for tracks better than the full 5 stars, radical) So far so good.

Here is the problem. What ever I try to do, if I search on tags “5” I get a maximum of 397 tracks. Whatever I do and however I try to tag tracks, it is always 397. Is this a limit set somewhere? (or am I doing something really stupid!)

Can you post a screenshot of where you’re seeing this?

Then if you select the ‘view all 397 tracks’

For clarity, I think a little over 2000 tracks were tagged ‘5’ in this example, certainly more than 397!

OK - It’s a rainy bank holiday Monday morning, so I have had a bit more time to investigate the above. The 397 “limit” is not in fact a limit at all, it is just an arbitrary number below 2054. This is what I have tried. I took a playlist from iTunes, I made a copy of the playlist in Roon, with a total of 2054 tracks. I then selected all, and tagged them all “5”. I then took the first 100 tracks, and tagged them “100”, I then took the next 200 tracks and tagged them “200” and finally I took the first 1000 tracks and tagged them “1000”. With this done, I then search for these tagged tracks in Roon. The results are as follows:

A search on tag “100” reveals 35 tracks
A search on tag “200” reveals 50 tracks
A search on tag “1000” reveals 221 tracks
A search on tag “5” reveals 397 tracks (from 2054 tags selected and tagged “5”.)

Looking at the track lists that emerge, if you sort on say “artist”, they appear to run through from A to Z as you would expect, there are simply a large number of tracks randomly missing tracks, Roon is simply not picking all the tags up, in fact the more identical tags you have, the lower percentage are picked up in a search.

Very strange! Any idea what is occurring here?

Does anyone have any idea regarding the above?

Sorry for the lack of response here @Brian69 – we’re looking into this and we’re going to try and reproduce the issue.

If we can find a bug here we’ll fix it, and if we can’t I’ll come back to you for some more information.

Ok, thanks for the update Mike. Plus, if you need anymore information from myself, I’m more than happy to help!

A bit of spare time this morning, I thought I would try and get more data re the above.

I tried creating a new playlist in Roon ‘Roon Test’, I cut a random selection of tracks from the Roon track listing (3848 tracks as it happened) I tried tagging all tracks in this playlist RTALL, the first 100 tracks RT100, the first 1000 tracks RT1000.

In search I tried RTALL, and got 3848 tracks, RT100 and got 100 tracks, RT1000 and got 1000 tracks. A perfect result! Lovely! So it at least looks like this works and I have a vague idea of what I am doing.

I then highlighted all tracks from an iTunes created list (as opposed to from the Roon tracklisting), copied these as a Roon playlist, tried a test similar to the above, and again go about a third to a quarter of all tracks missing.

So, it looks like doing the Roon tagging from a the base Roon track listing works exactly as it should, and a good feature too! However, if a playlist created in Roon is populated from an iTunes created playlist, then a large chunk of tracks either do not get tagged or are not picked up by the search function. Looks like a bug to me! Any progress from your side?

N.B. I am on my last day of my 14 day trial! Am I correct that I can continue up to 30 days and still get my money back? I am currently unsure if I love Roon or if it is frustrating the hell out of me!!

I have an idea:

  1. Go to General tab in Settings
  2. Set ‘Show Hidden Tracks and Albums’ to Yes
  3. Open details page of any tag you’ve crated for iTunes playlist
  4. Check track quantity

Let us know the result, thanks.

Thanks vova! Your idea was good. This has solved the specific issue. Now every searches by tag as it should. So if I search on 5, select tags, it picks up the 2000 odd tracks I had tagged 5. All very good.

That’s the end of the good news, because I thought that I would be able to search within the said list of tag 5 tracks, or say search by tag and artist. How do I do this? For example, in iTunes or JRiver, I can search for say ‘Bowie’ within a ‘Rated 5’ playlist, and get 47 Bowie tracks rated 5. I can also search for Bowie in an overall listing and filter on 5 stars, again pulling up the 47 tracks. Can I filter on Bowie tracks tagged 5 in Roon? This appears to be impossible. I am hoping I have missed something here, because if it is possible to do something in a variety of ways in iTunes or JRiver, but impossible to do in Roon, then this highlights the limits of the functionality of Roon in some areas. I guess software like this can’t suit everyone and keep us all happy!

EDIT: Just found the / search function which appears to mitigate the above. It’s well hidden this stuff! Any other tips for searching by say tag / artist would be useful. Thanks!

EDIT #2: OK, using tag search then / serach on artist picks up 42 tag 5 Bowie tracks, in both JRiver and iTunes I get 47 tracks. All those that are ‘missing’ are such because it is only picking up ‘Bowie’ as an album artist. So if there is a Bowie track on a compilation album, this is ignored by Roon, but found in JRiver and iTunes. The same is true of Queen & David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’, which iTunes and JRiver pick up nicely, but Roon ignores because the album artist is Queen. Now that’s a good tune! Poor show Roon ignoring this one. Being completely serious, this relates to a few posts I’ve seen on here relating to the album centric nature of Roon and the partial ignoring of track artist metadata, inability to sort on track artist metadata etc.