Using Roon app on Echo Show 15

I finally got my Echo Show 15 and really like it in my kitchen. Unfortunately, it looks like you can no longer sideload the Roon apk to run Roon as an app. Looks like the last Fire TV update removed the ability to do this (mainly the ‘Files’ app no longer being accessible to install the apk file, etc.). Doesn’t look like there is any current workaround to getting this working in my research on aftvnews, etc. Darn … it would make a really nice display for Roon to give it even more utility.

This worked for me and has I love the way it displays.

Thanks - yeah, that is what I followed and with the latest update for Fire TV it no longer works :frowning:

Had I done this sooner prior to the update I would have got it working.

I sideload Kodi on my old FireTV Stick but I have never used any of these apps. I’ve always used the adb command line tools supplied by Google. Are you able to sideload that way?

I believe the sideloading tricks still works for all the fire tv devices, except for Echo Show 15 (I could be wrong on this point as it might now impact all updated Fire TV devices). I haven’t seen anyone try adb command line tools to get around this current limitation and have it be successful, but it’s something I’ll keep a look out for. I’ve never personally used it and not sure how technical it is to do. Hopefully an easier workaround will eventually be found.

My understanding is the Echo Show is a FireTV device (the only echo device that is). That ability was added after the fact though so maybe that has something to do with it.

I find the adb method to be much easier once you get it setup and discover what commands you need. Much quicker executing a few cmd line commands than trying to navigate an app(s) with a remote control.

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Ah - thanks for this! A little bit of hope has come back. Will try it out when I get the chance.

Any luck sideloading?

Life got in the way - I have not had a chance to try this

has anyone gotten the Echo Show 15 to work as a Roon display or controller?

See my earlier post.

This works really well for me.

Only issue is the tile for ROON is blank.

Otherwise a great display.