Using roon desktop (windows 10) on remote network? Troubleshooting steps / hep

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core is running on a Qnap TS-1277, CPU Ryzen 7 1700 eight-core RAM 48 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

netgear 24 port unmanaged Gigabit switch, Outer is a Ubuiqui networks X10 router. Connects to a spectrum Modem service 400mb down / 30mb up

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos 5, Sonos 3, laptop and desktop using USB DAC Firefly Cobalt. with headphones

Number of Tracks in Library

tracks 12512 mix of MP3, Flac

Description of Issue

First off new to Roon, Loving being able to finally put all media in one place and catalog it and play... Tidal is my streaming source. I have Roon desktop setup on home laptop and work laptop, both work well on Home network. When traveling using Room ARC on phones (work and personal) both work fine. Is there a way to use the desktop app when in the office? When starting Roon desktop says trying to connect to remote Core but never gets to it. Same network can stream on Phone fine when in the office using the office Wifi.

How or is it possible to remotely connect to Core with destop application? I found a post that VPN to home network, but my office work Laptop can’t connect to a VPN inside the corporate network.

Don’t know why you haven’t gotten an answer and I’m not an expert but I think you might have to change core locations and others here have not liked doing this . Take the easiest path and use ARC and Bluetooth if it works for you. Happy listening.

You can install the full Roon software on your laptop and use it as a Roon core. When you tell Roon to use the laptop core, you have to deactivate your at home core. With only one Roon license, you can only activate one Roon core at a time.

When you deactivate your at home Roon core, Roon ARC will also stop working. For this reason, I purchased a second lifetime Roon subscription so I can connect to two Roon cores at the same time.

I believe your only option is a VPN, with the addition of UDP proxy running on both ends to make sure that Roon can successfully advertise endpoints etc. There are some amazing people here who are working on this, but in your particular situation with VPN restrictions I highly doubt it’ll work.

As I posted above, he can run a Roon core on his laptop. And, since he is streaming from Tidal, he doesn’t need to worry about a local library.

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking that would be a work around.

Sadly, I tired to vpn and the way the network is configured, using a vpn is blocked. I think will either go the route of getting a 2nd core or just stream from tidal directly and not use the core to stream and ARC to listen to local music, Thanks for the info, maybe can convince the network folks that access to my core is a necessary, :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestions and help

There is no reason not to install Roon on your laptop and give it a try. It’s a simple process to go to Roon - Settings - General and disconnect from one core and connect to the other. I don’t think there is any downside (except losing Roon ARC until you activate your at home core).

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