Using Roon for Crossover and Subwoofer Integration

thank you both @grizaudio and @MenloBob. This is certainly appreciated. With supply chain issues, I am scrambling to get either the AVB or the MK5, but both are hard to get at the moment. I am also looking at alternatives, and the Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy seems like a good option, and most importantly, it is available at the local dealer, but I doubt the Linux support.

If you search through threads, you will find some USB interfaces don’t auto matically change sample rates.

The Motu Mk5 lite does, which is great!. However the Motu does take about 4-5 seconds to complete a sample rate change, before music is heard.

One option is to fix your sampling rate.
But in my system Motu Mk5 with RPI/Ubuntu/Bridge works perfectly on all sampling rates.

The Motu Ultralite’s ability to assign the front volume knob to any output or combination of outputs is also super helpful for an active setup.

Some discussion here:

My thread:

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