Using Roon via an ethernet connection to an Ultra DAC

Not exactly it also covers AirPlay, Chromecast. Kef, streaming, Sonos streaming, linn streaming, meridian streaming and other non RAAT protocols that Roon can play to.

What are the ip addresses of your Roon core and the meridian ultra so they share the same first 3 sets of numbers e.g 192.168.1

If you are running Roon on the media PC, you do not need RoonBridge on the same PC. It is completely unnecessary.

In my system, Roon Core runs on a dedicated music server. Roon Bridge is installed on another computer, a Mac Mini. If Roon Core were running on the Mac Mini, and I wanted to play to a DAC via USB from the same Mac Mini, wouldn’t I still need to “enable” the Mini in the Roon Settings/Audio view? In this scenario, what if anything does the OP need to do in the Roon audio settings to expose his DAC for playback?

I only listen in one room as nowhere else has the quality of equipment

My Meridian dealer is going to have a look in the morning as all the advice is starting to conflict

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Please report back to us after the Meridian dealer has a look. I’m curious about what’s going wrong, since you seem to have Roon running (somewhere) and can at least get into the audio settings.

Will do it was the splitter in the end I chanced the TPLink 105 for a 105G and bingo


Glad it worked out.
Enjoy :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:

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Thanks I am

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