Using Roon while I’m on route

I want to use Roon when I’m not at home on my WiFi (for example in my car on 4G).

Where can I get the information about the settings to set up a connection with my Synology DS218 (Roon Core)?

I hope anyone can give me some clues.

There are several users who succeeded in setting up a VPN with Synology. I have a Synology router with a Synology NAS, but unfortunately never could connect to Roon away from home.

Hi, first post here. Setup Rock on NUC over xmas and very pleased with the result. DSP correction of headphones and MQA support provides amazing sound and I’ve really enjoyed discovering music again.

Next, like many people, I want to take this on the road and access from my iPhone. I’ve read many / all of the VPN and tried the following:

  • OpenVPN on Netgear router, VPN client on different subnet = can only control Roon if it was open and connected via LAN before switching to VPN
  • SoftEther on a PI = couldn’t get the VPN to work at all, probably me doing something wrong
  • Libreswan on PI = configured to give VPN client address on LAN subnet which looked promising but still no playback over VPN
  • Synology NAS VPN server = similar to above

So, I’m concluding that I need to Roon Core and VPN server on same device, i.e. my NUC. This means getting rid of ROCK and installing Linux and Roon Core then a VPN server or taking a look at ZeroTier.

Before I do, has anyone definitively got this working on a NUC (I see a number on Windows or Mac), what Linux did you use and what VPN setup please.